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How Weed Won the West

CastAlex Jones, Ethan Nadelmann, Jeff Joseph, Craig X. Rubin, Bret Bogue, Don Duncan, William Kroger, Shelly Martinez, T. Rodgers, Freeway Ricky Ross, Corey Taylor, Mary Taylor
Year released2010
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The entire film is replete with references to marijuana and images of the drug itself and its use and cultivation.

Radio personality Alex: "If you know of anybody that's even touched marijuana cigarettes... drug use supports Al Quaeda." (0:00)

"...government that ship in the drugs... get the drugs off the streets... more drugs than ever"
Old movie clip: "When we found the marijuana... that's a very serious charge."
Bret smoking with water pipe.
Shots of marijuana, shops: "The age old battle over the legalization of marijuana."
Ethan advocates for legalization. (0:01)

The decriminalization "experiment" in Los Angeles, California
"marijuana doctor" (0:03)

Growing marijuana in northern California. (0:05)

Marijuana grower compares his crop to "... the best hashish from Afghanistan."
"Marijuana attorney" Bill talks about "defending medical marijuana individuals." (0:08)

California Holistic Co-op (0:11)

Bill: "I always suggest that anybody who was there at the raid should go seek therapy..." (0:17)

Alex: "The British.. used their control over... opium..."
"You could by opium and cocaine in every corner drugstore... When they lost alcohol prohibition they had to move on."
"The amount of cocaine in the country has doubled. The amount of heroin has tripled. " (0:21)

Review of varieties of "medical cannabis." (0:23)

Man smoking pipe. (0:24)

Alex: "Big pharma hates it because marijuana is much better for depression, anxiety... trouble sleeping... tried to patent submolecules of THC..." (0:33)

Smoking. (0:39)

Bret: "CBDs help with... anxiety..." (0:41)

Bret smokes. (0:44)

Dr. E Alexander, "expert in medical marijuana." (0:46)

"My friend... attends Narcotics Anonymous meetings... one friend who goes to AA..."
"I'm so sorry to hear about your addiction to sleeping pills and Oxycontin."
Doctor: "sleeping pills"
"I can't believe your doctors had you on Paxil... and Prozac."
"compulsive intake of substances"
T. Blaylock tells us she was a "substance abuse counselor... in methadone clinics..." (0:47)

Shelly: "discovered I was addicted to pills... twenty Somas a day..."
Dr. Alexander talks about "getting off of narcotics." (0:49)

Shelly talks about smoking helping with "breaking her addiction cycle..." (0:50)

T Rodgers says he uses medicinally "as opposed to being intoxicated and being high." (0:52)

Burn victim Reyes: "use this medicine for... antidepressant..." (0:55)

Woman: "Prozac, Neurontin"
Reyes: "antidepressant."
"Neurontin... Lamictal... clonazepam for anxiety."
Alex: "Synthetic toxic drugs... anxiety... depression... antidepressants... marijuana... destroys depression. Prozac.. may make you commit suicide. People aren't committing suicide from smoking marijuana." (0:56)

Alex: "Whether it's Ritalin or Prozac... destroying our youth..."
TV ad: "If you develop suicidal thoughts or actions stop taking Chantix..." (0:59)

Alex: "...old line drugs like heroin, cocaine and marijuana." (1:00)

Alex: "And we've got your little kiddies on Ritalin and Prozac." (1:04)

Corey talks about "eighty panic attacks." (1:16)

"... if people were allowed to buy it simply because they wanted to get high."
"don't spend the rent money on drugs."
"a small ceremonial toke..."
smoking (1:18)

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