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Paul Newman, Melvyn Douglas, Patricia Neal, Brandon de Wilde, Whit Bissell, Crahan Denton, John Ashley, Val Avery, George Petrie, Curt Conway
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Rancher Hud tells his nephew Lonnie, “It’s a story I’ll tell you some day when I’m drunk.” (0:22)

Lonnie suffers a closed head injury. (0:47)

Housekeeper Alma asks Hud, “Why don’t you go stick your head in a water trough and sober up for lunch?” (0:54)

Hud tells Lonnie how Lonnie’s father Norman died. (1:06)

Hud’s rancher father Homer tells Lonnie, “All right, he’s got you drunk.”
Hud: ”I don’t remember you being a teetotaler.”
Homer: “You were drunk and careless of your brother.” (1:07)

Hud tells Homer, “You got the incompetence, Daddy...” (1:16)

Lonnie, referring to Hud: “He was just so drunk, Alma.” (1:20)

Homer dies in the arms of Hud and Lonnie. (1:43)

Funeral for Homer. (1:45)