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Humboldt County

Peter Bogdanovich, Frances Conroy, Fairuza Balk, Madison Davenport, Brad Dourif, Chris Messina, Jeremy Strong, Danny Jacobs, Elayn Taylor, Darren Grodsky
Friedrich Nietzsche | marijuana | paroxetine | Paxil | tetrahydrocannabinol | lysergic acid diethylamide | Drug Enforcement Administration
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Surrogate patient Bogart tells medical student Peter Hadley, "... I just told you.. I’m thinking about killing myself..."
Peter: ”I think a prescription of... Paxil, uh, might be the, uh, right prescription.”
Peter’s physician father: ”Paxil...” (0:02)

Peter calls himself "Idiot." (0:06)

Singer Bogart tells Peter, "People that have moved here take the business of marijuana very serious, you know?"
”Wait, marijuana? Like drug pushers?”
Bogart: ”Drug pushers...”
Bogart lights a joint. (0:14)

Marijuana grower Max brings a package of marijuana to grower Jack.
Grower Bob’s t-shirt: ”NIETZCHE WAS A PIETZCHE.”
Jack’s wife Rosie smokes a joint.
Max smokes a glass pipe. (0:17)

Max’s daughter Charity tells Peter, referring to Bogart, "Because she Bogarts the pot."
Peter answers Charity, ”All the, uh, marijuana.”
Charity, referring to her mother: ”She died a long time ago.” (0:20)

Max tells Peter, "They shot ‘em... for the drugs." (0:25)

By telephone, Peter leaves a message for his father, "... I don’t want you to worry." (0:27)

When Peter sees the marijuana crop, he says, "I’m in a house of crazy people." (0:28)

Max tells Peter, "Jack said he saw some tweakers." (0:29)

Peter tells Max, "Helping with a marijuana plantation..." (0:33)

Peter finds Max smoking a joint and asks him, "Is this your marijuana garden?" (0:33)

All smoke, sharing joints. (0:34)

Jack asks Peter, "Have I gone insane and completely forgotten.." (0:36)

Jack tells Peter, "You’re still intact, so I wouldn’t worry about it." (0:39)

Max, smoking a joint, answers Peter, "I went into my mom’s stash when I was eight.”
”You have your drugs...”
Peter smokes a joint.
Peter: ”... once inhaled that THC should travel...”
”I don’t feel high. Am I high? I don’t feel high... I don’t feel high.” (0:40)

Peter asks Max, "Don’t you worry about the police? The feds... they’re the ones to worry about." (0:43)

Charity rolls a joint. Rosie lights it, shares it with Max..
Jack: ”The woman is out of her mind, out of her mind.” (0:45)

Max smokes a glass pipe. (0:50)

Max smokes a bong.
He tells Peter, ”When I was eleven years old, I was obsessed with Alexander the Great...” (0:51)

Rosie: "University life is a complete distraction. We needed isolation and a place to focus." (0:54)

Jack, rolling a joint, tells Peter, "Hemp farmers....." (0:58)

Jack tells Peter, "... from this life we farm pot..." (1:00)

Jack lights a joint. (1:00)

Rosie tells Peter, referring to drinking, "Charlie desperately wanted to quit, and when it got bad, Charlie would have these seizures where he needed a drink, and then he found some ecstasy... for two months he stopped cold turkey... I find a half tab of acid... it will take you to a different realm... he died..." (1:08)

Jack smokes a joint.
Peter: ”You’re a pot farmer, Max.” (1:11)

Jack tells Peter’s father, "I farm pot."
Rosie: ”We need a new prescription for medical marijuana.” (1:16)

All on the beach share joints. (1:20)

DEA agents (1:21)

Rosie, Jack and Charity learn that Max has died. (1:24)

Rosie and Charity throw Max’s ashes on the beach. (1:26)

Grief overcomes Jack. (1:28)