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Hunter (2013)

Jack Falahee, Giles Matthey, Ella Hatamian, Amos Poe, Michael Hobbs
Truman Capote | ethyl alcohol | tobacco
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Student Gavin, referring to his friend: "Amy will call around 10... but I'm hungover, and my body wakes me up at eight." (0:00)

Amy tells Gavin, referring to Gavin’s roommate Farah, "Yeah, 'cause she's insane."
Gavin: "She's not insane. She's just... anxious."(0:03)

Amy asks Gavin, "Don't all great writers eat alone, like Williams, Capote?" (0:04)

Farah tells Gavin, referring to their neighbors, "They think you're a drug dealer or something." (0:07)

Amy tells Gavin, "I wanna drink... heavily." (0:11)

Amy tells Gavin, referring to Carter, "What a... idiot." (0:24)

Carter tells Gavin, "My mom was obsessed with this author." (0:26)

Carter asks Gavin, referring to Amy, "So is your roommate depressed or something?"
Gavin: "Why do you think she's depressed?"
Carter: "People that sleep a lot tend to be depressed." (0:28)

His father tells Gavin, referring to alcohol, "You told me you quit." (0:35)

Gavin tells Carter, referring to cigarettes, "I'm gonna quit after that."
"I can quit whenever I want."(0:39)

Carter tells Amy, referring to Gavin's smoking, "He says he's quitting." (0:44)

By telephone Amy tells Gavin, "I'm not crazy." (0:56)

Gavin asks Amy, "Are you drunk? Too drunk?" (1:11)

Another partier tells Derek, "Gavin would read something that depressing." (1:12)

Carter tells Amy, "You're just a little drunk."
Amy: "I just got anxious."
Carter: "I think you're drunk."
Amy: "I'm sorry, I'm drunk." (1:13)

Gavin tells Derek, referring to Farrah, "She's insane." (1:23)