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Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte

Bette Davis, Olivia de Havilland, Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead, Cecil Kellaway, Victor Buono, Mary Astor, Wesley Addy, William Campbell, Bruce Dern
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A woman party guest tells a man, “Champagne wouldn’t be half the fun without prohibition.” (0:05)

Gravestone of Samuel Hollis (0:11)

The foreman tells bulldozer driver Stan, referring to Samuel’s daughter Charlotte, “That crazy woman.”
”Now Miss Hollis I ain’t in no mood for jokes.” (0:17)

Sheriff Luke Standish tells the foreman, referring to Charlotte, “She’s not really crazy.” (0:23)

Dr. Drew Bayliss tells Charlotte, “Anyone who knew you less well than I do might be forgiven for thinkin’ you had a persecution complex.” (0:27)

Charlotte’s public relations expert cousin Miriam tells the cab driver, “They say that places you knew as a child always seem smaller than your memory of them.” (0:28)

Charlotte tells Miriam, “The only people I’ve ever seen are... a bunch of sniggering idiots who come out here to make fun of me.”
Miriam, referring to Charlotte: “She is deranged, Drew.”
Drew: “... not to the extent of being committed.”
”Innocent fancies can become fixed delusions.” (0:37)

Miriam stares at the graveyard. (0:45)

Charlotte tells Miriam, referring to letters from widow Jewel Mayhew, “That idiot Luke Standish told Papa they were... they were crank notes...” (0:54)

Jewel tells insurance investigator Harry Wills, “The only way to trust someone is on instinct alone.” (0:57)

Moving woman, referring to Charlotte: “Man, she sure acts like she’s crazy sometimes.” (1:04)

Charlotte leaves flowers at a grave. (1:05)

Charlotte tells Harry, “They’ve told you I’m crazy.” (1:09)

Drew draws up a syringe and injects Charlotte’s shoulder. (1:17)

Miriam tells Drew, referring to Charlotte’s maid Velma, “She’s always been insanely jealous of anyone who was close to Charlotte.” (1:22)

Charlotte faints at the sight of her lover John’s severed head. (1:26)

Drew tells Miriam, “We could probably achieve the rest with this drug, but the effect wouldn’t be permanent...”
”After the last phase of the treatment there won’t be a doctor in Louisiana who wouldn’t commit her.” (1:27)

Examining a vial, Velma tells Charlotte, “It’s some kind of drug, isn’t it?” (1:30)

Showing the vial to Miriam, Velma tells her, “That’s some kind of drug that you’ve been givin’ her.” (1:33)

Drew tells Miriam, “You seem awfully nervous.”
Referring to Charlotte: “If she hadn’t deluded herself into believing it was dear old Papa who killed John Mayhew...” (1:35)

Miriam calls Charlotte, “You idiot. You wretched idiot.” (1:47)

Miriam tells Harry, referring to Charlotte, “I’ve given her a sedative and put her to bed.” (1:50)

Charlotte sees -- or hallucinates -- Drew, covered with mud and weeds. (1:58)

Drew tells Miriam, “I asked some folks from the state institution to come over here about 10 o’clock.”
Miriam: ”Oh, you mean I shall have to ring my hands in abject misery and humiliation at the disgrace of having a member of our fine old family committed to the local madhouse?” (2:03)

Dora tells Martha, “You ask me, you go to live with a bloodthirsty maniac, you’re just asking for it.” (2:06)

Dora tells Nellie, “Sometimes they got their sane moments, just like you and me.”
Nellie: “Oh, she has to be crazy as a loon.” (2:09)