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3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | ketamine
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Men snort cocaine. (0:03)

Carmine tells Dorothy, "You need anything, you call me... coke..." (0:04)

Mama tells stripper Ramona Vega, "Oh, go crazy..." (0:17)

Ramona tells Dorothy, "You want ‘em drunk enough to get their credit card, but sober enough to sign the check." (0:17)

Ramona tells Dorothy, "Motherhood is a mental illness." (0:24)

A stripper tells a man, "All you do is get... sucked by the new bitches, you... idiot." (0:28)

Destiny and her client snort cocaine. (0:37)

Spencer snorts cocaine provided by stripper Mercedes. (0:44)

Ramona tells the others, "The worst is they’ll have a bad hangover." (0:46)

Ramona tells Dorothy, "It’s ketamine and MDMA. The ketamine wipes their memory. The MDMA make ‘em happy." (0:47)

Ramona laces Gary’s drink. (0:49)

Ramona tells her daughter Juliet, "Some crazy lady woke you up?" (0:52)

Dorothy tells journalist Elizabeth, "Okay, I know it sounds bad to say that we were, like, drugging people... I mean, half these guys were mainlining coke on their way to work." (0:53)

Dorothy asks Ramona, "So what do you think, 60 MDMA, 40 ketamine?" (0:53)

Dorothy tells Ramona, "... I don’t want to slip it to anybody who’s not already on something." (0:54)

By telephone, Ramona tells David, "Well, I can send you a picture to jog your memory." (0:55)

Mercedes laces a drink. (0:56)

Dorothy tells Ramona, "We said no junkies and no criminals."
”So, she’s a junkie and a criminal.”
The girls practice snorting. (0:59)

Dorothy tells the new girls, "No drinking, no drugs." (1:00)

Ramona asks Dorothy, "How crazy is this?" (1:04)

Ramona: "I usually don’t get nervous around these types." (1:07)

Elizabeth tells Dorothy, "So, getting back to the drugging..."
Dorothy: ”Is that what you’re hung up on?”
Elizabeth: ”My mom’s a psychiatrist.” (1:10)

Dorothy tells Ramona, referring to Coco, "She’s a junkie." (1:12)

Dorothy, referring to Dawn, "She was a cokehead..." (1:14)

Dorothy comes home to find her grandmother Nana lifeless.
Funeral for Nana in a cemetery (1:20)

Doug, referring to his son: “... so, I think when we found out he was autistic, I think she just couldn’t handle it..." (1:26)

By telephone, Doug tells a police desk worker, "I went to a strip club, and I was drugged."
”I was drugged, and I have proof.” (1:28)

Dawn asks Ramona and Dorothy, "Hey, did you bring the drugs?"
Dorothy asks Dawn, ”Are you high?”
Dawn laces a drink. (1:29)

Ramona tells Dorothy, "You’re being paranoid."
”Now I know you’re paranoid.” (1:30)

Ramona tells a detective, "This is crazy." (1:35)

Ramona tells Dorothy, "You... idiot."
”Motherhood is a mental illness.” (1:36)

By telephone, Dorothy tells Elizabeth, referring to a guy, "He’s gonna help me get a job in pharmaceuticals..." (1:37)

Ramona tells Elizabeth, "... I was freaked out..."
”Well, don’t worry.” (1:38)