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I Am Sam

CastSean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, Dianne Wiest, Loretta Devine, Laura Dern, Richard Schiff, Doug Hutchison, Stanley DeSantis, Brad Silverman, Will Wallace, Mary Steenburgen, Scott Paulin, Kathleen Robertson, Eileen Ryan, Wendy Phillips, Elle Fanning
Year released2001
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Sam’s friend Doug: “Gone With the Wind, 1939, directed by Victor Fleming.”
Sam’s friend Brad: “Did you bring Kramer vs. Kramer for video night?” (0:09)

Sam, referring to a father and his son Conner: “I think he can make that boy feel better.” (0:20)

Conner tells Sam’s daughter Lucy, “He’s acting like a retard.”
”He’s a retard.” (0:20)

Lucy’s teacher tells Sam, “It gives us great insight into what she must be feeling.”
”But the Department of Child and Family Services... shared with us that... your intellectual capacity is around that of a 7-year-old.” (0:24)

Sam perseverates. (0:29)

Her assistant Patricia tells attorney Rita, “Your therapist is on line one.” (0:39)

Rita asks a couple, “Are you telling me neither of you wants custody of your child?”
She tells Sam, It says they want to have you evaluated by a shrink...”
Sam: “I don’t actually want to go to a shrink.” (0:44)

Sam tells Rita, “I don’t like to go to shrinks.”

”Did your mommy make you go to a shrink too?”
”No more shrinks.” (0:47)

Psychologist Ms. Davis tells Sam, “Mr. Dawson, you do understand that since I’m a court appointed psychologist that the traditional client-therapist confidentiality will be waived.” (0:48)

Doug tells Sam, “But, it’s an outgoing message, so I think you need to sound a little more outgoing.” (0:51) 

Rita tells Sam, “I’m going to need that list of names from you, people who can testify that you’re a good father despite you handicap... I didn’t mean your handicap. I meant your disability. The fact that you’re retarded... That’s not the right word.” (0:52)

Sam’s friend Doug tells Rita, “Sam is a very good father because he likes green things like I like green things very much. I like green peas, green peas. My cousin Luke worked for the organization -- environmental organization -- Greenpeace, and they like to save the whales, and I like whales. I like ‘Moby Dick’ was one of my all-time favorite classics by Herman Melville.” Clang association? (0:53)

Attorney Mr. Turner tells Judge Philip, “Your Honor, Ms. Davis is an expert appointed by the court...”
Rita: “Then every child who rages because they didn’t get to stay up...”
Turner: “Now Ms. Davis, I assume in your therapy session that Mr. Dawson extolled his parenting ability.”
Rita: “The point is, you’ve never had those moments... where the task is so unbelievably challenging that you feel retarded, disabled in some way.”
”When your son O.D.’d...”
”Ms. Davis, when your son O.D.’d did you feel that you might have made mistakes, mistakes that were huge?” (0:56)

Dr. Blake on the witness stand: “Caffeine and donuts...”
Referring to her mother: “She had great instincts.”
Turner: “Your Honor, I’m talking about entrusting an 8-year-old’s welfare in the hands of someone whose record shows has been diagnosed with autistic tendencies, mental retardation.” (1:01)

Rita asks Sam, “What could you possibly gain by kidnapping your kid in the middle of a custody hearing?” (1:07)

Doug: “Tim Curry was a sweet transvestite in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” (1:11)

Lucy’s godmother and piano teacher Annie on the witness stand, referring to Lucy, “She displays true empathy for people, all kinds of people.”
Turner: “How much insight will he bring...”
”The fact that Ms. Cassell hasn’t left her room in... how many years...” (1:12)

Turner: “Kramer vs. Kramer.”
Doug: “Yes, Kramer vs. Kramer.” (1:21)

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