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I Capture The Castle (2003)

Romola Garai, Henry Thomas, Marc Blucas, Rose Byrne, Sinéad Cusack, Tara Fitzgerald, Bill Nighy, Henry Cavill, James Faulkner
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Cassandra as narrator: “The weather is always flawless, and so is father’s mood.” (0:01)

Cassandra: “I have a grandstand view of my relations, and it depresses me.” (0:04)

Cassandra’s stepmother Rose tells Cassandra’s author father James, “My love, I’ve got this sudden mania for dying.” (0:05)

Cassandra: “I will not give in to panic. I’d be as mad as the rest of them if it wasn’t for this diary.” (0:09)

Neighbor Neil: “Is there madhouse around here?” (0:14)

Neil’s brother Simon: “I’m sure growing them is a very stimulating pursuit, but I’d go mad.”
Neil: “And you’ll stay sane in that polkey old mansion.” (0:17)

Neil tells Simon, “... but if you want a pack of insane broads chasing after you in theatrical costumes, that’s your choice.”
Simon: “One insane broad.”
Referring to Cassandra’s author father James: ”I wanted to help him, but I guess he probably is a drunk, like people say.” (0:20)

Topaz asks Cassandra, “Do you want me to run mad?” (0:21)

Cassandra tells her sister Rose, referring to Neil, “He called you an insane broad in theatrical costume.” (0:34)

Simon and Neil’s mother Elspeth asks James, “Is it drink, or do you have psychological problems?” (0:38)

Rose asks Simon, referring to her family, “Do they make you nervous?”
“They make me nervous.” (0:41)

Cassandra’s brother Thomas: “I don’t suppose I’d have much of an appetite if I was actually concussed.” (0:42)

Simon tells Cassandra, referring to James, “You know, he should really see an analyst.”
Cassandra: “An analyst?”
”Father says all psychiatrists are conmen.” (0:47)

Cassandra tells Simon, “Of course mother panicked if we danced too near the flames, and then she died...” (1:03)

Cassandra: “The dreams are like a drug.” (1:11)

Rose tells Cassandra, “I thought I’d go insane.” (1:20)

Cassandra: “You’ve hypnotized us all into turning a blind eye, father.” (1:32)

Thomas tells James, “Harness the rage.” (1:36)

Simon rells Cassandra, “I don’t ask for ecstasy.” (1:47)