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I Drink Your Blood

Bhaskar, Jadine Wong, Vanessa Paradis, Riley Mills, Jack Damon, Elizabeth Marner-Brooks, Richard Bowler, Tyde Kierney, Iris Brooks, Alex Mann, Bruno Damon, Mike Gentry
lysergic acid diethylamide
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Cult leader Horace: “Let it be known sons and daughters that Satan was an acid head... and together we’ll all freak out.” (0:01)

Horace: “Hey, the madness of city life just psychs me up.” (0:09)

Cult member Shelly asks, “What, are you characters nuts?” (0:18)

Young Pete tells his grandfather, veterinarian Doc Banner, “There’s eight of them, and they’re crazy.” (0:19)

Horace tells Doc Banner, referring to Shelly, “Drunk, maybe.” (0:21)

A cult membrer gives Doc Banner LSD. (0:23)

Pete tells baker Mildred, referring to Doc Banner, “Instead they got him drunk.”
Mildred: ”He’s not drunk stupid. He’s been doped with that stuff they call LSD.”
”It makes a person crazy.” (0:26)

Pete: “I may not know about that L stuff that makes you crazy.” (0:28)

Mildred tells Doc Banner, “Pete said that he saw a mad dog last night.” (0:34)

Cult member Andy tells Pete's sister Sylvia, “I’m gonna leave that idiot group.” (0:37) 

Construction foreman Roger tells Mildred, referring to Doc Banner, “You know he is an old man, and he may be senile.” (0:39)

Andy tells Rollo, “You’re mad, you son of a bitch.” (0:42)

Doc Banner tells Roger, “Hydrophobia, the same thing.”
”It’s a disease that attacks the central nervous system in all flesh-eating animals including us humans.”
Roger: ”What are the symptoms?”
Banner: ”Hydrophobia is characterized by choking... fear of water that borders on panic.”
”... produces an almost fanatical craving for raw flesh. What worries me is that this here hippie group is on hard drugs...” (1:00)

Cult member Molly tells a local woman, referring to Cult member Carrie, “She’s a mute.” (1:03)

Molly kills herself. (1:10)

Cult member Sue-Lin burns herself to death with gasoline. (1:15)

Dr. Oakes tells Roger, “... death by hydrophobia is agony.” (1:22)