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I Love You Again

William Powell, Myrna Loy, Frank McHugh, Edmund Lowe, Nella Walker, Pierre Watkin, Paul Stanton, Morgan Wallace, Charles Arnt, Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer
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Businessman Larry tells con man Doc, “You’re inebriated.”
A bar patron tells Doc, ”Inebriated.”
Doc asks Larry, ”So, you think I’m inebriated, huh? I’ll show you if I’m inebriated.”
Larry: “You’re too intoxicated to realize your peril, sir.” (0:03)

Larry appears disoriented after a head injury. Doc: “It was a sailor with an oar.”
Larry recalls another head injury in the distant past.
Larry, as con man George: “There's no prohibition on these boats, is there?”
Doc: “There ain’t no more prohibition.”
Larry: “Lapse of memory... Lost identity... Amnesia! that’s what it is, amnesia!”
”Why, a blow on the head can make you forget your entire past.” (0:05)

Doc tells Larry, “I’d like to lay my hands on some of that amnesia.” (0:16)

Larry’s wife Kay tells Larry, “You, who ran for assemblyman on the prohibition ticket.” (0:27)

Doc tells Kay’s mother, referring to Larry, “He needs stimulants.”
Kay’s mother: ”Oh, but Mr. Wilson is a teetotaler.” (0:36)

Larry tells Kay, “I’ll get my own food, even if I faint before I get there.” (0:39)

Con man Duke asks Larry, “How is your amnesia?” (0:48)

Larry tells Ranger leader Billings, “Yes, you see, in the first flush of panic...“
”Elementary deer psychology.” (1:12)

Doc tells Larry, “Yeah, well you’re crazy.” (1:29)

Doc tells Duke by telephone, “Larry’s had this here now amnesia. Aw Duke, you don’t know amnesia. It just does things to a fellow.”
Doc tells Kay, referring to Duke, “He’s a horse crazy.”
Kay: ”How did amnesia come in, Doctor?”
Doc: ”Amnesia wasn’t in the race.” (1:31)

Larry tells Doc, “Your drunken conduct is inexcusable.”
Doc tells the others, ”He’s had an attack of amnesia.”
Larry: ”Amnesia?” (1:35)

Doc tells Kay, “You certainly can kick that amnesia around.” (1:38)