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I Never Sang for My Father

Estelle Parsons, Melvyn Douglas, Gene Hackman
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Ex community leader Tom tells his son, college professor Gene, referring to Gene’s wife, “Carol’s been dead now...” (0:08) 

Tom asks his wife Margaret, “Did you say you’d be stiff?”
“We wouldn't want you stiff.” (0:09)

Tom tells Margaret and Gene, referring to Tom’s father, “Suddenly he showed up at the funeral, weeping, begging, drunk as usual.” (0:11)

His lover Norma tells Gene, “So, other men go out on a binge.”
Gene: “I get so fed up with being treated like a child, I mean like an ungrateful child, by a senile old man.”
“For some reason or other this depresses the hell out of me.” (0:22)

By telephone Gene tells his physician fiancee Peggy, “My mother died a few minutes ago.” (0:34)

Tom and Gene look at caskets. (0:35)

Burial for Margaret. (0:45)

His sister Alice tells Gene, referring to Tom, “His mind is going... think about... committing him to an institution.” (0:48)

Gene tells Alice, “When I want to be analysed I'll pay for it.”
Alice, referring to Tom: “Did you see yourself in there when he started to rage?” (0:59)

Alice: “Suddenly I miss mother so.” (1:04)

A man helping find a home for his father tells Gene, “Well, the state hospital’s just a few minutes drive from here.”
“It may sound brutal to say it, but that’s the other side of our miracle drugs.” (1:07)

Tom tells Gene, referring to Tom’s father, “Drunk of course.” (1:17)

Tom cries remembering Margaret: “I always thought I’d go first.” (1:21)

Gene: “That night, I left my father’s house forever... then the arteries began to harden. he gradually slipped into speechless senility... he died, alone... Death... does not end a relationship.” (1:29)