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I Smile Back

Sarah Silverman, Josh Charles, Thomas Sadoski, Mia Barron, Skylar Gaertner, Shayne Coleman, Kristin Griffith, Chris Sarandon, Terry Kinney, Cynthia Darlow
alprazolam | Xanax | amphetamine | cocaine | lithium | marijuana | zolpidem | Ambien
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Laney pours white powder onto the back of her mobile phone. She touches some to her gums then snorts lines through a plastic tube. (0:02)

Laney tells a school official, "I had a crazy morning." (0:07)

Her lover Donny tells Laney, "You're crazy." (0:09)

Laney snorts lines of cocaine. (0:22)

Staff check Laney in at a rehab facility: "Everybody's anxious the first time, honey." (0:27)

Her husband Bruce asks Laney, "Then why did you stop taking your med?"
"So you'd rather be insane?" (0:28)

Dr. Page tells Laney, "Your blood work shows cocaine, amphetamines, Ambien and marijuana, but there's no trace of lithium. Do you want to tell me why you stopped taking the lithium?"
Laney: "What's more interesting for you, the daddy issues or the drugs?"
Page: "Well, I like to start with the daddy issues because it's a very organic segue into the drugs."
Laney: "My dad left when I was nine... So, drugs?" (0:29)

Dr. Odesky tells Laney and Bruce, referring to their son Eli, "What concerns me are the rituals, the eye blinking, the constant pencil sharpening... tapping his feet. These behaviors suggest anxiety. The rituals are a way for Eli to stay in control... the rituals can become a problem when they get in the way of functioning...”
"... perhaps start with cognitive behavioral therapy, or perhaps he can even benefit from medication." (0:42)

Eli asks Laney, "Did you go to rehab because you're a drug addict?"
"John Frye said you're a drug addict."
Eli's sister Janey: "Mommy, drugs are bad."
Eli: "Did Mr. Odesky tell you to send me to rehab too?" (0:42)

Laney tells Donny, "You didn't drag me to rehab." (0:50)

Laney tells Bruce, "It's just people being shitfaced for three straight days..." (0:51)

Bruce tells Laney, "He thought, this chick is hot and crazy..." (0:55)

Laney tells a bartender, "You're gonna think I'm crazy."
Bartender: "I like crazy." (1:04)

Laney tells Bruce, "I was nervous because I didn't want to disappoint you."
"I found a couple of Xanax in the bottom of my purse..." (1:05)

Laney snorts cocaine. When Eli interrupts her she tells him, "This is crazy..." (1:11)

Laney intentionally closes her eyes as she drives through a busy intersection against a red light. Suicide attempt? (1:12)

Donny tells Laney, "You were just in rehab." (1:13)