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I Stand Alone

Philippe Nahon, Blandine Lenoir, Frankie Pain, Martine Audrain, Olivier Doran
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The butcher, referring to himself: “He raises a small his daughter who’s locked in muteness.” (0:03)

His supervisor tells the butcher, “Nice mood.” (0:09)

A nurse injects a woman’s arm. (0:14)

The butcher: “Even memory goes before the end.” (0:18)

The butcher: “The day of my death I want to know that I’ve done more than the same crap done by a shitload of groveling morons... I’m sure they’d like that, the two perverts.” (0:21)

His wife asks the butcher, “You want me to refresh your memory?”
He beats her.
She calls him “Idiot...” (0:23)

The butcher: “The child’s better off dead than with those two retards.” (0:26)

The butcher, referring to the mother of his daughter: “You always end up paying for your acts, and if she threw herself in front of a subway train it’s not my fault.” (0:33)

The butcher: “She won’t be the first retarded cunt I’ve whacked.” (0:38)

A bar patron tells the butcher, “Get your drunk ass out.”
”Stone drunk.”
”You kidding, a drunk like that?” (0:57)

The butcher, referring to the bullets in his pistol: “One for the boss, one for his son, and one for that... blond sissy who called me a drunk.” (0:58)

The butcher: “Yes, after snuffing the other morons I should blow my brains out.”
He holds the muzzle of his pistol to his face.
”So why shouldn’t I blow my brains out?” (1:03)

The butcher: “Since I have to knock off a moron, he’s the worst moron I know.” (1:06)

The butcher meets his daughter Cynthia in her psychiatric hospital.” (1:07)

The butcher sexually assaults Cynthia before shooting her.
”I’m gonna shoot myself.”
He shoots her again.
He holds the muzzle of his pistol to his head.
”Don’t get paranoid.” (1:11)

The butcher shoots himself. (1:18)

The butcher molests Cynthia (1:21)

The butcher: “Maybe I’ll never shoot myself... I can always hang myself.” (1:23)

Would you diagnose the butcher as schizoid personality disorder?