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Lachlan Nieboer, Nora-Jane Noone, Nick Blood, Michelle Asante, Tony Way
mephedrone | marijuana
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When he removes the mask, Slater sees a duplicate of Nadia. (0:17)

Advertisement voice, repeatedly: “Other self-help programs tell you to change yourself.”
Slater encounters two apparently identical women at a reception desk. (0:19)

The Brand New U manager tells Slater, “We help customers look for that person who looks like them, talks like them, walks like them.(0:23)

Manager administers a psychological test to Slater. (0:27)

Jake tells the others, “Look, mephedrone, 4-MMMC, with an added molecule, it’s totally legal.”
Slater snorts a line of white powder from a mirror.
Jake snorts through a straw. (0:39)

A man disguised as Santa asks Slater, “What do you think ‘nothing’ means: Photographs? Memories? Obsessions?”
A Santa removes his mask, revealing Slater’s doppelganger. (1:01)

Slater tells the firearm supplier, ”Guns make me nervous.”
”Firearms make everybody nervous.” (1:12)

Slater sees his doppelganger through his rifle scope. (1:18)

Nadia lights a joint. (1:21)

Slater asks Nadia, ”And you and the other versions of you...” (1:25)

Slater encounters his doppelganger. (1:30)