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The Ides of March

Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright, Max Minghella, Jennifer Ehle, Michael Mantell
hydrocodone-acetaminophen | ethyl alcohol | Philip Seymour Hoffman
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Junior Morris campaign manager Stephen asks campaign intern Molly, “Is it one of those interns drunk-dialing you?”
”Were you drunk?” (0:48)

Pullman campaign manager Tom tells Stephen, referring to Morris campaign manager Paul, “He gets paranoid.” (1:08)

A hotel porter tells Stephen, referring to Molly, “She’s gone.”
Stephen sees prescription bottles labeled “hydrocodone/APAP” and “timolol” on Molly’s nightstand. (1:12)

Reporter John, on television: “The coroner stated that based on evidence found in that hotel room, that this was an accidental overdose, a lethal cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs... pending a toxicology report...” (1:14)

Presidential candidate and Pennsylvania governor Mike at a press conference: “What we know right now is that it appears to have been a drug, an accidental prescription overdose.”
Reporter Ida asks Mike, “Is suicide ruled out?” (1:16)

Memorial service for Molly. (1:25)