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If I Were You

Marcia Gay Harden, Leonor Watling, Aidan Quinn, Joseph Kell, Valerie Mahaffey, Gary Piquer, Michael Therriault
ethyl alcohol
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Distraught actress Lucy tells the shop keeper, “I want a rope.” Planning suicide? (0:04)

Research focus group leader Madelyn asks Lucy, “This is gonna sound really strange, but how do I know that you’re not standing on a chair with a noose around your neck?”
Madelyn finds Lucy standing on a chair with a noose around her neck.”
"Alcohol is a depressant.”
Lucy: ”Isn’t it meaner to let her think she’s paranoid...?”
Seeing Lucy back on the chair with the noose, Madelyn tells her, “Suicide is an impulse act.”
Lucy: ”If I just get brain damage, do you promise to hold a pillow over my face?” (0:06)

Madelyn tells Lucy, "... I visit my mother, who doesn't even remember who I am."
"... pills... then who cares if one day you happen to take too many?
Lucy: ”Like when you told me to stop drinking and not kill myself. I would be drunk and dead...”
”We’re both self-destructive people... But we would not be self-destructive if we were making decisions for someone else...”
Madelyn walks home drunk. (0:14)

Her mother Margaret mistakes Madelyn for "Henry." (0:21)

Lucy tells Madelyn, “She’s got like this obsessive thing about her gums.” (0:26)

Madelyn tells her husband Paul, “That was a man... who's so crazy about me he....” (0:27)

Madelyn tells Lucy, “Maybe a drunken kiss at the Christmas party.” (0:29)

Her coworker Keith tells the focus group, referring to Madelyn: “Nervous today.”
Madelyn tells Keith, “I know I shouldn't drink, but life feels so painful drunk that I know I don’t want to know what it feels like sober.” (0:36)

Lucy tells Madelyn, “I’d kill myself.”
”I’d kill myself.”
”You’re just nervous.” (0:40)

Madelyn tells Lucy, “Any no-talent idiot that works hard is bound to be better than that."
Madelyn, talking to Paul by phone: “Hello dementia.”
Director Rainer: ”The madness of capitalism.” (0:46)

Madelyn tells the rest of the cast, “And I’m usually very reliable, and I'm usually sober, but uh, I can't do this."
“And its all been replaced by madness.” (1:00)

Madelyn learns of Margaret’s death. (1:03)

Madelyn tells newly bereaved Derek, “I just had drunk sex with a stranger in a nursing home waiting room."
Derek: "I've got a funeral to plan." (1:10)

Memorial service for Margaret. (1:16)

Madelyn and Derek wander through a cemetery. (1:22)

Madelyn tells Lucy, “Today I ran into the stranger I had drunk sex with.”
Lucy: “I’m not gonna kill myself when I just landed a juicy role.” (1:25)

Paul tells Lucy, “You might be an idiot, but I’m not.”
”Okay, you have lost your mind. This is like some... Fatal Attraction here.” (1:32)

Madelyn tells Paul, “Absolutely out of your mind.” (1:36)

Lucy tells Madelyn, “You shouldn’t be drinking alcohol. It’s a depressant.” (1:39)

Lucy finds pills in a bowl next to Madelyn's bed. (1:40)