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Takashi Shimura, Shinichi Himori, Haruo Tanaka, Minoru Chiaki, Miki Odagiri, Bokuzen Hidari, Minosuke Yamada, Kamatari Fujiwara, Makoto Kobori
cyclobarbital | hormone | testosterone
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A man tells public affairs section chief Kanji, "... With some symptoms, you won't even last a year." (0:14)

Kanji and family mourn the loss of Kanji’s wife. (0:22)

Spectator, referring to Kanji’s son Mitsuo: "Stupid idiot." (0:26)

A writer tells the waiter, "... get some cyclobarbital at the pharmacy."
”I can't sleep unless I chase it down with whiskey.”
He tells Kanji: ”You hardly seem tipsy.”
”In that case, what you're doing is crazy.”
”I mean, drinking when you have stomach cancer is suicide.”
Kanji: ”’Go ahead and kill yourself,’ I think...”
Writer: ”But drinking now is plain crazy.” (0:33)

The writer tells a barmaid, "Idiot... If you were diagnosed with cancer you'd start dying right away..." (0:45)

The writer tells Kanji, referring to a stripper, "That female body gently undulating up there is... a glass of liquor, an injection of camphor, testosterone, streptomycin, uranium..." (0:52)

Mitsuo tells his wife Kazue, "That's crazy." (1:03)

Kanji tells his former coworker Toyo, "My son is far away." (1:25)

Wake for Kanji. (1:32)

Deputy mayor tells reporters, referring to Kanji, "So you're saying Watanbe committed suicide, or at least let himself freeze to death?"
”He certainly didn't commit suicide...” (1:35)

Mitsuo tells the others, "A diagnosis like that is a death sentence."
Coworker: ”With a young mistress the hormonal effect can temporarily rejuvenate an old man.” (1:47)

Hey bureaucrat tells the others, "No, it was crazy." (1:57)

Police patrolman, referring to Kanji: "I just assumed he was some drunk." (2:15)