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Il Sorpasso

Vittorio Gassman, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Catherine Spaak, Claudio Gora, Luciana Angiolillo, Linda Sini
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Bruno tells law student Roberto, “When I see the city deserted like this I get depressed, don’t you?” (0:07)

Roberto tells himself, “I’m in the hands of a lunatic.” (0:10)

Bruno tells Roberto, “This song drives me crazy... Did you see L’Eclisse?” (0:12)

Bruno and Roberto follow two German women into a cemetery. (0:16)

A clerk asks Bruno, “Are you crazy?” (0:24)

The chef tells one of her cooks, “He’s crazy, but he’s nice.” (0:33)

Bruno tells a policeman, referring to Roberto, “He gets confused.”
”Are you crazy?” (0:39)

Bruno tells Roberto, “It’s an obsession.” (0:43)

Bruno tells the others, referring to the grandfather clock, “Sorry, but that thing’s driving me crazy.” (0:48)

Roberto tells Bruno, “You’re crazy.”
Bruno, referring to Roberto’s cousin lawyer Alfredo and the overseer: “Even that nervous tic with his hand.” (0:51)

Bruno tells Roberto, “You gotta be crazy.” (0:53)

Bruno tells Roberto, referring to another driver, “This guy’s drunk.” (0:57)

Bruno business associate tells the others, “I’m not crazy.” (1:06)

Bruno tells his business associate, referring to men who picked a fight, “I don’t even know those idiots.”
Bruno asks Roberto, ”A cleanliness nut, eh?” (1:09)

Roberto drives while intoxicated. (1:10)

Bruno tells Roberto, “You’re really drunk.”
”I’m not drunk.” (1:11)

Bruno asks his ex-wife Gianna, “Are you crazy?” (1:15)

Bruno: “This is crazy.” (1:21)

Gianna tells Bruno, “A little insomnia once every three years won’t hurt you.” (1:22)

Bruno tells Roberto, “If you do drink you get drunk right away.”
Roberto: “Sometimes I feel how different I am, but I’m just too uptight.”
Bruno: “I’m the moron.” (1:25)

Bruno’s daughter Lilli’s lover Bibi tells Bruno, “You’re in a good mood today.” (1:33)

Bruno tells Roberto, referring to Calafuria, “They make a fish soup that’ll drive you crazy.” (1:41)