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I'm Not There

Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Ben Whishaw, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Marcus Carl Franklin, Bruce Greenwood, Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, David Cross, Kim Roberts, Kris Kristofferson
Woodie Guthrie | Heath Ledger | amphetamine | methaqualone | phenobarbital
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Narrator: “Nailed by a peeping Tom who would soon discover even the ghost was more than one person.” (0:02)

Alice: “... and here’s this kid applying traditional form to contemporary concerns, but with such insight, you know, it was devastating...” (0:16)

Claire asks her daughter Molly with Robbie, “You think you’re feeling nervous about the boat?” (0:23)

Young Woody tells a nurse, referring to the folksinger, “Flowers for Mr. Guthrie.”
Young Woody plays his guitar as Woody Guthrie lies dying in a hospital bed.” (0:40)

Arthur: “Woody Guthrie was dead... I nearly killed myself with pity and despair.” (0:44)

Fan 1, referring to singer Jude: “Nothing but a fake neurotic crawling through the gutter.”
Fan 2: “I kind of like getting blasted out of my skin.” (0:47)

Jude in press conference, referring to singer Phil Ochs: “His songs are acts of personal conscience, like burning a draft care, or burning yourself.” (0:51)

One of Jude’s party asks a bellhop with a knife, “Are you out of your... mind?” (0:54)

Jude tells a reporter, “Raving queen, and cosmic amphetamine brain.” (1:00)

Alice, referring to Jack: “I thought he was hallucinating.” (1:14)

His friend Homer tells Billy the Kid, “Well, first, Charlie Harper, the zookeeper, shot hisself in the face in front of them three maiden sisters and two bachelor brothers. Them all went insane on account. Been five hangings, six Phenobarbitals... you familiar with young Clarice Henry?”
”The captain found her, throat cut, by her own hand they say.” (1:20)

Robbie: “All these right-wing corporate hawks plotting to invade the world, and drug us to death with happy pills and the Bible.” (1:22)

Jude types: “...suicide tabks...” [sic] (1:31)

Town crier peddling his poetry: “... or the children of dawn in crazy duress...” (1:33)

Billy wanders to a funeral for a young woman whose body is displayed in open coffin. (1:34, 1:52)

A man tells Jude, referring to pills on a table, “Mandies. They make you sleep.” (1:38)

Her friend tells Jude, referring to actress Coco, “She’s been kinda uptight lately.” (1:39)

Jude: “I don’t mean like Woody Guthrie, wasting away in some hospital.”
Jude’s manager Norman, referring to Jude: “He’s gotten inside so many psyches...” (1:58)

Reference in Life During Wartime