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I'm So Excited

Antonio de la Torre, Hugo Silva, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Javier Cámara, Carlos Areces, Raúl Arévalo, Pepa Charro, José María Yazpik, Guillermo Toledo, Lola Dueñas, Cecilia Roth, Carmen Machi, Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, Blanca Suárez, Laya Martí, José Luis Torrijo, Agustin Almodóvar, Paz Vega, Susi Sánchez
cocaine | heroin | marijuana | mescaline
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Ground technician León asks the baggage handler, “Are you crazy?” (0:02)

Steward Fajas tells steward Ulloa, “That you’d give up drink, drugs and dark rooms, that’s what.” (0:08)

Pilot Benito tells psychic passenger Bruna, “The stewardesses gave them a muscle relaxant because of Economy Class Syndrome that knocked them out.”
Bruna: “Because sometimes people think I’m mad.” (0:10)

Chief steward Joserra tells Fajas, “What’s extraordinary is what I have in the cockpit. A crazy woman came in and said she’s a psychic.” (0:13)

Bruna tells the others, “Well some drug lords who were friends of the victims are going to help me.”
Pilot Alex: ”Drug lords.”
Alex asks Joserra, ”Have you lost your mind?”
Benito tells Alex “Like when you shoot up heroin.”
Passenger Norma asks Joserra, “And stewards aren’t allowed to get blind drunk?” (0:15)

Benito tells Joserra, “I was drunk.” (0:18)

Ulloa offers a joint to Joserra.” (0:19)

Passenger Infante tells Bruna, referring to some of the passengers, “They’ve been drugged.”
Bruna: “The pilot told me they took a muscle relaxant.”
Norma: “You’re obviously retarded.”
”I’m not crazy.”
Joserra: “Several years ago, a passenger had a terrible panic attack, and he wanted to go into the cockpit. Business Class was full of executives who immediately became paranoid... I went in there and prepared an injection to sedate him...”
”I was so traumatized by it all...”
Fajas displays a tic. (0:21)

Alba prepares to jump to her death from a bridge. She balks when passenger Ricardo rings her phone. (0:27)

Ricardo tells his ex-stewardess ex-girlfriend Ruth, referring to Alba, “Maybe she was about to jump off the Viaduct when you passed underneath.”
”Alba is mentally ill.” (0:30)

Ruth watches mental health technicians escort Alba into an ambulance. (0:32)

Alba’s family friend Portera tells Ruth, referring to Alba, “She’s run away several times from the psychiatric hospital.”
”Half an hour ago, she came running in here, like a lunatic.” (0:34)

By telephone Ricardo asks Ruth, referring to Alba, “They’ve committed her again?”
Ruth: “Alba was about to jump off the viaduct, and you’re celebrating?”
Ricardo tells Ulloa and Fajas, “I’m going to take a tranquilizer, an antidepressant, and a sleeping pill.” (0:37)

Fajas tells Joserra, “It was only a blow job, and they were drunk. When men get drunk, that’s normal, girl.”
Fajas tics. (0:40)

Ulloa tells a newly married passenger, “Too bad we don’t have some mescaline to mix in... In the end I only brought heroin, coke and pills.”
Fajas: “But mescs were withdrawn in ‘86.”
Ulloa: ”But you’re totally anti-drugs!”
Fajas: ”Mescs are different.”
Passenger: “I’ve got some mescs.”
”I’ve been a mule for years.”
Joserra, referring to the pilots: “Okay, warn them about the mescaline.”
The passenger tells Joserra, “Don’t tell me we were so drunk we got on the wrong plane!”
Joserra: “A few years ago a passenger had a panic attack.” (0:44)

Ulloa tells Benito, “Don’t freak out.”
Alex: “Someone has to stay sober.”
Ulloa: “Joserra’s sober.” (0:47)

Norma tells the others, “I was very confused.”
Joserra: “All mixed with an overdose of mescaline.”
Norma: “Mescaline? Did you get me drunk and drug me so I’d talk?”
Fajas: “We gave you mescaline so that you’d feel better.” (0:53)

The newlywed tells Bruna, referring to his bride, “She’s a sleepwalker.” (0:59)

By telephone Alex’s wife Concha tells him, referring to their children, “Yes, fighting over the PlayStation and driving me crazy.” (1:04)

Fajas: “My saints have gone crazy.” (1:06)

Joserra tells stewardess Piluca, “The truth: You drugged them.” (1:10)

Hit man Infante tells Norma, referring to his client, “Patricia is obsessed with having you killed.”
Businessman Sr. Más tells Norma, “Maybe she doesn’t approve of your sadomasochistic practices with her husband.” (1:13)

Alex tells Benito, referring to Benito’s wife, “That’s why she’s obsessed with you not doing it with guys.” (1:15)

The new bride tells her husband, “I’ve got a terrible hangover.” (1:19)

Piluca tells the others, “That’s the last time I give the passengers sleeping pills.”
She asks Fajas, referring to Benito, ”Was he drugged?”
”I know when a man wants the woman in me or the transvestite, and he wanted the woman.” (1:23)