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The Immigrant (2013)

Jeremy Renner, Marion Cotillard, Joaquin Phoenix, Dagmara Dominczyk, Angela Sarafyan, Antoni Corone, Ilia Volok, Dylan Hartigan
ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise
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Immigrant nurse Ewa tells her sister Magda, “You’re just nervous.” (0:01)

A policeman tells theater owner Rosie, “Even though they may be serving, say, liquor, and with Prohibition we can’t have no problems.” (0:19)

Ewa tells Bruno how soldiers killed her parents. (0:22)

Showgirl Clara tells Ewa, “It is absinthe.”
Bruno tells Ewa, “Young lady, you were mesmerizing... Are you drunk?” (0:27)

As his assistants place a straight jacket on him, Magician Orlando tells the audience, “Now I assure you this is an authentic straight jacket.”
”Used on the criminally insane.” (0:47)

Orlando tells Ewa, referring to the audience, “They’re just drunks.”
”Ladies and gentleman I’ll be right back for my greatest illusion...” (0:58)

Orlando tells Rosie, “It’s Bruno. He’s gone mad!”
Rosie: “He’s crazy.” (1:00)

Orlando tells Ewa, “You know I’ve known Bruno my whole life, and I think he may be in love with you, which is making him a little mad upstairs...” (1:15)

Ewa realizes Bruno has killed Emil. (1:30)

A policeman tells Bruno, “That crazy Polack bitch killed him, didn’t she?” (1:34)

Ewa tells Bruno, “It is opium.” (1:36)

Bruno tells Ewa, “I better keep drinking this opium.” (1:43)