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In Cold Blood

Robert Blake, Scott Wilson, John Forsythe, Paul Stewart, Gerald S. O'Loughlin, Will Geer, Jeff Corey, John Gallaudet, James Flavin, Charles McGraw
Truman Capote | Menninger Clinic
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Ex-convict Dick Hickock asks his ex-convict friend Perry Smith, "How come you always go into a trance every time you look in the mirror?" (0:11)

Dick tells Perry, "You’ll end up an aspirin junkie."
Perry: ”Got the habit in the hospital.” (0:14)

Perry tells Dick, "Anyway, that’s why I have an aversion to nuns, and God and religion." (0:17)

Perry asks Dick, "Remember Bogart in Treasure of the Sierra Madre?"
Dick: ”Yeah, and we end up nuts.” (0:19)

Dick tells Perry, referring to Dick’s children, "I’m crazy about ‘em." (0:24)

Detective Alvin Dewey tells another detective, referring to the murderer, "It could’ve been one man, a madman." (0:35)

Dick tells Perry, "You worry too much." (0:40)

Dewey tells another detective, "I can believe one man might work up enough rage to do it..." (0:43)

Dick tells Perry, "... that would make us not only crazy, but insane." (0:47)

Dewey tells a man, "Escaped mental patient." (0:50)

Perry’s father Tex tells Dewey he taught Perry, "Always be sober and independent."
Referring to Perry’s mother Flo: ”She... turned into a hopeless drunk... Anyway, she died drunk.” (0:55)

Reporter Bill Jensen tells Dewey, "At the Menninger Clinic, right here in Kansas... they couldn’t distinguish between fantasy and reality... they told the police, or a psychiatrist, that they felt the urge to kill..."
Dewey: ”... When we finally get a conviction, you want to save them by proving they were crazy in the first place.” (1:00)

Perry tells Dick, "You’re crazy." (1:13)

Dick tells Perry, "Stop worrying, will you?" (1:14)

By telephone, a detective tells Dewey, "The salesman got worried..." (1:14)

Perry: "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre." (1:19)

Dewey: "Perry seems confused about that night." (1:26)

After confessing to the murders, Dick faints, or pretends to. (1:31)

Perry tells the detectives, "Like the whole crazy stunt had a life of its own, and nothing could stop it." (1:34)

Farmer Herbert Clutter tells Perry, "If you do that to my wife, she’ll panic." (1:44)

Perry tells Dick, "You, tapping the walls... tapping like some nutty woodpecker." (1:48)

Jensen, referring to Perry and Dick: "They had to be crazy. No. Maybe stupid, but perfectly sane. How can a perfectly sane man commit an absolutely crazy act?" (1:55)

Jensen: "According to an expert in forensic medicine, neither one of them would have done it alone, but together, they made a third personality." (1:58)

Jensen: "No suicide allowed." (2:00)

Dick tells Jensen, referring to another death row inmate, "Andy’s a nut, but I like him."
”I told you he was a nut.” (2:00)

Perry tells Rev. Jim Post, "If they’d had a head doctor here during my first stretch, he’d of known I had a bomb ticking inside of me." (2:02)

Perry, referring to his father Tex, tells Post, "He started yelling what a greedy selfish bastard I was." (2:09)