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In for Treatment

Joop Admiraal
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Dr. Hageman asks grower De Waal, "Still worried about that dark colored stool?" (0:03)

Nurse: "Your husband was an annoying patient." (0:09)

Dr. Van Den Berg tells De Waal, "No, don’t worry." (0:19)

The patient next to him tells De Waal, "You worry too much, hug?" (0:20)

Dr. Hagean tells De Waal, referring to his sternum, "We’ll anesthetize the whole thing."
”It’s anesthetized.”
”I’ve had twenty year-olds that fainted.” (0:24)

Patient De Bruin tells De Waal, "Oh, I was a little confused." (0:28)

Dr. Hageman tells Mrs. De Waal, "I know that... that kind of thing is very difficult for the patients."
”And in my opinion it’s not okay to scare a patient for no reason.” (0:32)

De Waal tells his wife, "Don’t you worry." (0:37)

Dr. Hageman tells De Waal, "We’re worried about that headache of yours."
”Don’t you worry.” (0:40)

His hospital roommate Frank tells De Waal, "... not worrying and such." (0:46)

Nurse: "You really shouldn’t worry, Mr. De Waal." (0:48)

A nurse tells De Waal, "Oh, you don’t have to worry about that." (0:50)

A nurse tells Frank’s father, "Mr. Vermeulen... please don’t panic." (0:51)

His father tells Frank, "I’ve been searching like crazy for this." 0:52)

His wife tells De Waal, "I’ll come back tonight when you’re in a better mood." (0:59)

Dr. Hageman tells De Waal, "If you’re in pain, you can take a pill."
De Waal tells Frank, referring to his aftershave,: ”... all those commercial say women go crazy for it...” (1:07)

Frank tells Hageman, referring to Dr. De Koning, "... he only says ‘don’t worry...’" (1:21)

De Waal tells Hageman, "I’m drunk. I ate all those pills." (1:22)