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Inside Out (2015)

Amy Poehler, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Kaitlyn Dias
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Young Riley's feelings are personified.

Sadness tells Joy, “I’m Sadness.”
Joy: “I’m Joy.” (0:02)

Joy: “That’s Fear.”
Joy: “This is Disgust.”
”That’s Anger.”
”And you’ve met Sadness.” (0:03)

Joy: “The point is, the islands of personality are what make Riley Riley.” (0:05)

Joy: “Let’s get those memories down to long-term.” (0:06)

Fear: “We’re gonna get rabies.” (0:09)

Fear, referring to Riley’s parents: “They’re stressed out.” (0:10)

Sadness tells Joy, “It’s like I’m having a breakdown.”
Joy: “You’re not having a breakdown. It’s stress.” (0:13)

Sadness tells Joy, “Crying helps me... obsess over the weight of life’s problems.”
Joy, handing Sadness a book: “Long Term Memory Retrieval, Vol. 47”
Sadness: “Long Term Memory Data....” (0:15)

Joy: “Looks like we’re going into REM.” (0:18)

Riley tells her mom, “I’m kind of nervous...” (0:21)

Joy: “Where are we, long-term memory?”
Sadness: “Riley’s islands of personality...” (0:25)

Joy tells Sadness, “Don’t obsess over the weight of life’s problems.”
Sadness: ”That’s long-term memory.” (0:32)

Riley’s imaginary friend Bing Bong tells Joy and Sadness, “Alright, do not panic.” (0:42)

Disgust tells Fear, “Emotions can’t quit, genius.” (0:50)

Sadness tells Joy the place they are entering is “The subconscious.” (0:56)

Anger tells Fear, “You idiot, it was a dream.” (1:00)

Bing Bong tells Sadness and Joy, “There’s déjà vu... There’s déjà vu... There’s déjà vu.” (1:01)

Joy tells Sadess, “A recall tube!”
Sadness: “We can get recalled!” (1:05)

Joy, referring to Riley’s parents and the team: “They came to help because of Sadness.” (1:10)

Anger: “This is madness.” (1:15)

Disgust, referring to Riley: “Make her feel scared.” (1:16)

Joy: “This is crazy. This is crazy... I am positive this is crazy.” (1:17)

Disgust tells Anger, “Of course your tiny brain is confused... Sorry I don’t speak moron as well as you...” (1:18)