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Insomnia (2002)

Al Pacino, Robin Williams, Hilary Swank, Oliver 'Ole' Zemen, Martin Donovan, Paul Dooley, Nicky Katt, Larry Holden, Maura Tierney, Jonathan Jackson, Jay Brazeau, Katharine Isabelle
Robin Williams
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Detective Hap Eckhart tells detective partner Will Dormer and police chief Charlie Nyback, "They got Finn and Kantor on narcotics..." (0:07)

Detective Fred Duggar asks Dormer, "This isn't some random psycho?"
Dormer: ”He didn't panic.” (0:09)

Dormer asks Eckhart, referring to their superior, "You think Warfield gives a flying f*** about you shaking down drug dealers?" (0:14)

Dormer asks the murder victim's boyfriend Randy, "Friends making you nervous?"
”I know you beat your girlfriend.” (0:18)

Hap dies at Dormer’s side. (0:29)

By telephone, Dormer tells Hap’s wife, "He’s gone, Trish. He’s dead." (0:32)

Dormer cannot sleep. (0:37)

Dormer sees Hap in a group of people. (0:40)

By telephone, Warfield tells Dormer, referring to Hap, "I was shocked to hear about your partner, Detective" (0:41)

By telephone call to Dormer, an anonymous caller blames "this crazy light" for his insomnia. (0:49)

Burial of murder victim Kay Connell (0:51)

Kay’s best friend Tanya tells Dormer, "... they're all real worried about me... worried I haven’t cried yet" (0:53)

The anonymous caller asks Dormer, "Are you seeing things yet?" (0:57)

By telephone, writer Walter Finch tells Dormer, "I'm trying to help you and you're running around like a f****** maniac."
Dormer: ”Guess I'm a little cranky.”
Finch: ”Another night up like this, and you're really going to lose it, hallucinating, babbling...” (1:05)

Finch tells Dormer, "You know, when I heard they had brought somebody from LA, I panicked. I wasn't worried about the locals." (1:09)

By telephone, Finch tells Dormer, referring to Kay, "She's distraught and a little drunk." (1:17)

Detective Fred Duggar tells Finch, "Secondly, we're not a bunch of hotheads who are just gonna draw a bunch of crazy conclusions." (1:22)

Fish tells Dormer, "... wouldn't matter what kind of crazy bullshit I told them about you killing your partner, would it?" (1:31)