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Diane Keaton, Kristin Griffith, Geraldine Page, Maureen Stapleton, Mary Beth Hurt, Richard Jordan, E.G. Marshall, Sam Waterston
Woody Allen | cocaine
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Joey tells her interior decorator mother Eve, “I just don’t think you should delude yourself either.” (0:10)

Joey’s poet sister Renata tells her psychotherapist, referring to her mother Eve, “She was an insomniac... She’d had all this electric shock therapy... Before her breakdown she was a very successful woman... He always favored Joey. It just seemed that they were very close, and that I was left out.” (0:11)

Renata: “I suddenly found I couldn’t bring myself to write anymore.” (0:16)

Joey tells her political consultant husband Mike, “That really makes me anxious.” (0:19)

Her husband Frederick tells Renata, “You’re the one that’s supposed to be giving me insight into sex and other world shattering phenomena.” (0:21)

Frederick tells Renata, “I’m not in the mood for your lesbian friends...” (0:27)

Eve tapes the cracks around doors before turning on the gas on her stove to kill herself. (0:30)

Her attorney father Arthur tells Renata, referring to Eve, “She’s got to go back to the sanitarium for a while at least.”
Renata: “As usual, you’re obsessed with Joey while mother is lying in a hospital room.“ (0:32)

Renata tells Frederick, “It was like I was here and the world was out there, and I couldn’t bring us together.” Dissociation? Derealization? Depersonalization?
Frederick: “You’ve been under some kind of stress...”
Renata, referring to Joey: “She has all the anguish and anxiety... without any of the talent...”
”She should just marry Michael and stop her obsessive worrying...” (0:38)

Joey tells Eve, “You’re crazy... I just think you shouldn’t delude yourself.”
Eve, referring to Arthur: “Will you tell him that... my mood swings are less rapid.” (0:44)

Arthur’s girlfriend Pearl tells Renata, “Rudy was an alcoholic.”
”I went nuts.”
Frederick, referring to a play: “But depressing as hell.” (0:48)

Joey tells Renata and Arthur, “We all treat her like a patient...” (0:55)

Renata tells her sister Flyn, referring to Frederick, “Now he’s taking his rage out on these critical pieces...” (1:03)

Flyn tells Frederick, “And I happen to think you’re very drunk.” (1:07)

Mike tells Joey, “... you’re drunk.”
Joey: “I’m not drunk.” (1:12)

Flyn snorts cocaine.
”Frederick, you’re drunk.”
”You’re drunk.” (1:13)

Joey tells Eve, “I feel such rage toward you.”
”At the center of a sick psyche there is a sick spirit.” (1:18)

Eve walks into the surf. (1:21)