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Intimate Strangers

Sandrine Bonnaire, Fabrice Luchini, Michel Duchaussoy, Anne Brochet
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Intimate Strangers A psychoanalyst's couch. (0:05)

Magazine cover on a table: "L'Analyze" (0:06)

Luggage shop worker Anna tells tax lawyer William, "I'm afraid I'll go mad." (0:08)

William's wife Jeanne asks William, "You posed as a shrink?"
William: "The psychiatrist down the hall."
Jeanne tells William, "When you see her tell her you're a tax lawyer, not a therapist." (0:09)

Anna tells William, referring to her husband Marc, "He's obsessed with it."
"Analysts aren't all qualified doctors." (0:14)

Psychiatrist Dr. Monnier reads to William from a book, "Couches deep as tombs. You know the line from Baudelaire? But face-to-face will do for her first session."
"It's a common complaint of women in therapy."
"It's part of the therapy... You maintained her illusion.... especially if she's not my patient... It's part of the therapy."
William: "Therapy!" (0:19)

Anna tells William, "That couch seemed normal at first."
"The crowds... made me nervous." (0:30)

Dr. Monnier tells William that "Most patients come to air their grievances."
"We both treat the same neuroses..." (0:35)

William suggests to Anna, referring to her husband's worries, "Someone. A psychiatrist?"
Anna: "That I see a shrink?" (0:38)

Jeanne tells William, referring to Anna, "Knowing you're not a shrink?"
"You went 'Hmm" just like a shrink!"
Jeanne: "I've been in analysis for six months."
"Bereavement therapy."
William: "Bereavement?"
Jeanne: "I'm mourning our affair." (0:45)

Anna asks William if he is "Obsessive?" (0:49)

A patient of Dr. Monnier tells Anna he has come to see "My analyst." The patient avoids using the elevator. Claustrophobia? (0:53)

Anna tells William, "My husband... can't get an erection."
William: "I'd say he needs therapy." (0:54)

Dr. Monnier tells William as they have lunch, "It's the patient's job to lead the hunt for clues. The psychoanalyst knows nothing. He knows the patient knows but the patient doesn't."
"... let your brush with psychoanalysis teach you this... This isn't a consultation, but feel free to buy me lunch."
"You pretended to be a psychiatrist. She could be a fantasist. A fake neurotic consulting a shrink" (0:57)

Anna tells William her husband guessed it was "the shrink." (1:01)

Anna collapses on a train platform. (1:02)

Television show: "Faced with... Samantha had a breakdown and attempted suicide." (106)

Anna comforts Dr. Monnier's patient as he takes the elevator in a panic. Having made the trip he tells Anna, "This is a big day for me. A huge victory." Exposure? Flooding? Implosion?
"Why do you see a psychiatrist?"
Anna: "He needs me. I'm his only patient." (1:07)

Anna tells William she told her husband, "Love on the analyst's couch. The 'analyst' bit turns him on." (1:09)

William in session with Dr. Monnier. (1:10)

Jeanne tells William, "It's a strange hangup." (1:12)

William tells Anna, "Sado. Maso..." (1:23)

Dr. Monnier tells William, "That's the aim of therapy. Cut the cord." (1:34)

Compare to The Shrink Is In and Mumford.