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Introducing Dorothy Dandridge

Halle Berry, Brent Spiner, D.B. Sweeney, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Tamara Taylor, Loretta Devine, Obba Babatundé, William Atherton, Cynda Williams, LaTanya Richardson
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Singer and actress Dorothy's daughter Harolynn (Lynn) kicks repetitively.
Dr. Carrington tells Dorothy, "Mrs. Nicholas... but she will never speak. "Dorothy: "One doctor said she needed sedatives, another one said stimulants..."
Dr. Carrington: "Dorothy, when is mentally retarded. She has what we call 'anoxic brain damage.'"
"Her brain will never develop. She'll be four years old forever." (0:24)

Club manager Jack tells Dorothy about the loss of his wife and child. (1:30)

Dorothy swallows pills. (1:33, 1:44)

Judge at hearing: "Ms. Dandridge, you have stated that your child is a danger to herself and others..."
Lynn manifests idiosyncratic stereotypical movements. (1:36) 

Reporter: "The nation suffered a loss today as an apparent overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol claimed the life of a treasured singer and actress, Marilyn Monroe. (1:37)

Talent agent Earl tells Dorothy, "You shouldn't mix booze with pills!"
"What do you have to do Dorothy, write more suicide notes?"
Dorothy: "I need my pills. If I could just get my pills. (1:40)

Dorothy takes pills. She tells Earl, "It's Tofranil. My doctor prescribed it for my depression, remember? (1:42)

Earl discovers Dorothy's lifeless body on the floor in her apartment.
Medical examiner: "There's a bottle of Tofranil on the dressing table. More than likely she just overdosed."
"We have a suicide note."
"Suicide notes don't exactly expire."
Earl: "She didn't kill herself."
"She didn't kill herself."
Reporter: "Hollywood mourns the passage of Dorothy Dandridge... as a result of an overdose of the prescription drug Tofranil, however they declined to determine whether the death was an accident or suicide." (1:46)