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Kate Winslet, Hugh Bonneville, Judi Dench, Jim Broadbent, Eleanor Bron, Angela Morant, Penelope Wilton, Siobhan Hayes
Alois Alzheimer | Iris Murdoch | John Bayley
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Prof. John Bayley stutters. (0:07 and throughout the film)

Author Iris Murdoch, after noticing some cognitive decline in herself, tells John, “We worry about going mad, don’t we.” (0:18)

Iris, on television: “People have obsessions, fears...” (0:24)

Dr. Gudgeon performs a mental status examination: “What is the name of the Prime Minister?”
”I mean, you know, does she mean writer’s block?” (0:26)

In testing, when shown a picture of a spoon Iris responds, “The thing you eat with.” Dysnomia? Semantic paraphasia?
When shown the word "dog" she says, “God.” Phonemic paraphasia? (0:31)

Iris fails to recognize her own book. (0:34)

Iris fails to recognize her friends. (0:50)

John tells Iris, “There are some drugs.” (0:56)

John tells Iris, “Nobody else has you anymore except your... best friend, Dr... Alzheimer with all his... gifts.” (1:11)

John: “Janet’s dead, Iris.”
Memorial service.
John eulogizes Janet: “Anna Karenina... went on her way to the station to throw herself under a train... But then Anna thought she wouldn’t be seeing Vronsky again because she was about to kill herself... Janet didn’t kill herself, but if there was one thing that would have prevented Anna from throwing herself under a train...”
Pallbearers carry Janet’s coffin. Iris chases, distraught. (1:15)

Iris dies. John closes her eyes. (1:25)