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Irish Wish

CastLindsay Lohan, Ed Speleers, Alexander Vlahos, Ayesha Curry, Elizabeth Tan, Jane Seymour
Year released2024
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Her friend Emma Taylor tells editor Madeline "Maddie" Kelly, "Don’t worry about it, Mads." (0:04)

Author Paul Kennedy tells Maddie, "Thought I could use a little liquid courage..." (0:05)

Maddie tells Paul, "... Don’t worry about me..." (0:11)

Photographer James Thomas tells Maddie, "My deepest sympathies." (0:14)

Paul’s brother Kory tells Maddie’s friend Heather, "... if you lose your shoe at midnight, you’re just drunk." (0:16)

Paul’s mother Olivia tells Maddie, "It’s not the bag we’re worried about..." (0:16)

Paul tells Emma, "You’re so perceptive." 
Maddie: ”She’s wicked and selfish...” (0:20)

Maddie: "That was a weird dream." (0:24)

Maddie tells her friend Heather, "Last night I had the craziest dream... I know that probably shocks you...” 
”... I woke up from the dream..." 
Heather: ”... you’re having a little pre-wedding anxiety...” (0:26)

Maddie answers Olivia, "... Just a little jet-lagged." 
Paul tells Maddie, ”Don’t be silly.” (0:28)

Olivia, referring to Maddie’s wedding dress, "It fits her like a dream." (0:32)

Maddie strikes Paul in the face. (0:38)

James tells Maddie, "... They just have to be brave enough to say it." 
Maddie: ”Are you calling me a coward?” 
James: ”... I’m not calling you a coward...” (0:42)

Paul tells Emma, "... Stop me feeling sorry for myself." (0:45)

His friend Tom tells James, referring to Seamus, "He’s a little cabbaged for the night." (0:47)

James tells Maddie, referring to darts, "It’s all about grip, stance and confidence." (0:49)

Ticket clerk Allegra tells Maddie’s school principal mother Rosemary, "That’s crazy." 
Referring to Kimmy: ”... She’s gonna freak out.” (0:52)

Olivia: "I hope this isn't a family trait." (0:54)

Maddie faints.
Paul answers Maddie: "Well, you fainted." 
Emma: ”Must be the stress of the wedding.” (0:55)

Paul’s friend Finn tells Maddie, "No worries there..." (0:57)

James tells Maddie, "You seemed a little confused in there." (1:01)

By telephone, Rosemary tells Maddie, "... don’t worry about picking me up..." (1:03)

By telephone, Rosemary tells Maddie, "Don’t panic..." 
”... I just got... a little bump on the head... the wedding, was it everything you ever dreamt of?” 
Maddie: ”I couldn’t have dreamt this up in a million years.” (1:16)

James tells Maddie, "I’ve become too emotionally involved..." (1:17)

Maddie tells James, "I have this crazy idea." (1:26)

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