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Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Carroll Baker, Michael O'Keefe, Diane Venora, Fred Gwynne, Margaret Whitton, Tom Waits, Jake Dengel, Nathan Lane
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Francis visits the graves of relatives. He tells his buried infant son Gerald, “It wasn't because I was drunk that I dropped you.” (0:08)

Billboard: "At the Circus" (0:14)

Francis argues with the hallucination of a man he killed. (0:20)

Reverend Chester: "Glad to see you staying straight, Franny."
”If you’re serious about staying off the hooch...” (0:23)

Francis asks Helen, "How the hell could I, with you walking away like a God damn crazy woman?"
Helen:”Who wouldn't be crazy around you?”
”And you're sober.”
Chester tells Francis, ”It's fine you're off the drink.” (0:24)

Francis, referring to singer Oscar Rio: "Well, we threw a drunk with him down in New York, didn't we Pete?"
Pocono Pete: ”Most musical drunk I ever seed.” (0:26)

Sign at mission door: "NO DRUNKS" (0:28)

Francis’ friend Rudy asks Sandra, "You dead or you just drunk? She's just drunk.”
Francis: :”She a bum, or just a plain drunk?”
”Just cuz you're drunk doesn't mean you don't feel cold.” (0:28)

Oscar: "You guys got me drunk in New York."
Francis, referring to Rudy: ”He's okay, but he's nuts.” (0:33)

Francis hallucinates three men he killed. (0:35, 0:46, 0:52)

Francis’ friend Jack:"You ought to get straight, Franny" (0:51)

Helen: "You're drunk, Francis. You just stay drunk for the rest of your life." (0:58)

Francis tells Helen, “Don't drive me insane." (1:01)

Helen tells St. Joseph, "I'm not a drunk...." (1:08)

Young Francis' neighbor Katrina Dougherty: "Think I'm crazy, Francis?"
”Have you ever seen anyone faint?”
Francis: ” Faint?”
Katrina: ”Then I shall faint for you, dear Frances.”
Katrina pretends to faint. (1:20)

Francis hallucinates more of the dead, talks to them. (1:49, 1:53)

Francis tells Rudy, "Wake up, you crazy Kraut."
Rudy: ”I'm going to kill myself.”
Francis: ”You ain't intelligent enough to kill yourself.” (1:59)

Francis tells a group of homeless men, "He says he's gonna kill himself."
Man: ”This group is driving me nuts with all this jabbering.”
The man tells Rudy, ”Shut up, you goddamn idiot.” (2:01)

A nurse tells Francis, referring to Rudy, "He's dead, sir." (2:10)

Francis finds Helen lying dead on the floor of her room. (2:12)

Francis hallucinates his wife Annie serving him tea in a boxcar. (2:16)