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Irrational Man

Jamie Blackley, Joaquin Phoenix, Parker Posey, Emma Stone
Woody Allen | marijuana | mescaline
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Jill: “I think Abe is crazy from the beginning. Was it from stress?”
Abe: “You know, the existentialists feel nothing happens until you hit absolute rock bottom. Well, let's say that when I went to teach at Braylin College, emotionally, I was at Zabriskie Point.” (0:01)

Student 2: ”I kind of like the burned-out look.” (0:02)

Jill’s mother tells Jill, “Faye Cohen knows someone who knows him, but she said he had a serious depression when his wife left him.”
”Cuz, actually, what I heard through the rumor mill was he had a breakdown when his best friend was killed.” (0:02)

Philosophy Professor Abe tells his class, “Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” (0:08)

Prof. Rita tells Abe, “I've got great grass.” (0:09)

Abe tells his class, “Tomorrow we're going to discuss phenomenology and Husserl.” (0:09)

Jill tells her boyfriend Roy, referring to Abe, “He was traumatized when his best friend was killed in Iraq.”
Jill: ”You know, Abe's mother committed suicide?“ (0:12)

Abe tells Rita, “I'm blocked. I can't write.”
Rita: ”You're blocked.” (0:16)

Jill, referring to Abe and his ex-wife: “They both experimented with mescaline. He's actually tried every drug.” (0:18)

Rita ask Abe, “Have you seen a shrink?” (0:19)

Jill asks Abe, “Are you having one of your morbid insights on the transient futility of human joy?” (0:19)

Partier Danny: “You know, you get like a real high when you pull the trigger...”
After Abe plays Russian roulette with a revolver. Another partie tells him, “You want to kill yourself, go to the chem lab, so I'll have cyanide.”
Jill tells Abe, ”You're drunk. You're completely drunk.” (0:21)

Her father tells Jill, referring to Abe, “Word around is your philosophy professor's got a bit of an alcohol problem.”
Jill: ”Romantics think suicide is romantic.” (0:22)

Roy asks Jill, “Why are you in such a bad mood?” (0:25)

Abe: “I was teetering on the brink of some kind of breakdown...” (0:26)

In the next booth Abe and Jill overhear Carol: “And now he's going to switch custody to Frank?”
Woman: ”Switching custody would be a disaster.” (0:28)

Abe tells Jill, “An anxiety attack or something.” (0:30)

Abe: “The dizziness and anxiety had disappeared...” (0:32)

Abe tells Jill, “I can't help but think of that phrase by Emily Dickinson: ‘Inebriate of air’ -- to be drunk on air.” (0:34)

Abe: “I want to go with my first instinct.” (0:38)

Abe tells Jill, “I feel like I'm on mescaline again.”
Referring to Roy: ”You have a terrific boyfriend, and he's obviously crazy about you...” (0:40)

Roy tells Jill, “You've been in such a touchy mood.”
”There's nothing going on, so you’re paranoid.” (0:44)

Jill tells Abe, “What's come over you is that you're finally celebrating life instead of romanticizing death with your crazy Russian roulette.” (0:54)

Abe tells Rita, “This crazy story...”
Rita: ” I don't have time for a crazy story right now...” (0:56)

Jill tells her parents, referring to the murder victim, “You could just stalk the judge for a week...” (1:04)

Jill's friend Ellie tells Jill, referring to Rita, “She's crazy.”
Jill: ”Oh, she's crazy. She's nuts.” (1:05)

Jill, referring to Rita: “I ran into her in a local bar, where she had been sitting alone and drinking, and was a little drunk and talkative.”
Rita tells Jill, ”Well it's crazy, but it's not, you know?”
Jill, referring to Abe: ”... He's radical, but he's not nuts.” (1:07)

Jill: “... for the moment, I lapsed into complete denial...”
”I had this growing sense of anxiety... I couldn't resist doing a crazy thing.” (1:10)

Abe asks Jill, “Are you nuts?”
”I always said you had a first-rate intelligence.”
”I've always taught you to trust your instincts.”
Jill: ”This is crazy, Abe.”
”You can't justify it with all this bullshit French post-war rationalizing... but you taught me to go with my instinct...” (1:14)

Rita tells Jill, referring to Abe, “I guess he found Braylin a little tame for his restless temperament.” (1:19)

Abe: “I didn't want to commit suicide...” (1:23)

Jill: “With the passage of time the awful vividness of what I had experienced, gradually, very gradually, grew less and less traumatic.” (1:30)