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Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel, Jo Prestia, Philippe Nahon, Stephane Drouot, Jean-Louis Costes, Michel Gondoin, Mourad Khima
amyl nitrite | cocaine | testosterone
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One man tells another, "I slept with my daughter." (0:06)

Referring to Pierre a man says he is "Gonna get your ass... in prison, you pedophile..." (0:10)

Pierre tells his friend Marcus, "Stop the madness, please!" (0:26)

Marcus, referring to the taxi driver, "Tell him where to go, idiot!"
Pierre: "Think about that, idiot!"
Pierre: "He's going mad, forgive him." (0:28)

Pierre tells Marcus, "Don't be an idiot."
A bearded thug tell Marcus, referring to police, "Drunks with guns." (0:32)

Someone says, “... loco. Completamente loco.”
“You found a she-male.” Cross-dressed Concha tells Marcus: "I'll bash your tranny... face!" (0:34)

A detective asks Pierre, "No drugs either. No drugs? But your so-called colleague, he told us you take drugs all the time."
"Did the victim take drugs?" (0:35)

The bearded thug tells Marcus, "You think it'll never happen to you and when it does, it you freak out." (0:39)

Rapist Le Tenia sniffs from a bottle. Poppers? (0:50)

Marcus snorts cocaine from a bathroom counter. (0:58)

Marcus tells Alex, referring to Pierre, "He don't sniff coke. He don't drink." (1:03)

Alex: "I think he's drunk."
Her friend: "He's looks kinda loaded." (1:05)

Alex tells Pierre, "But you've got a fixation." (1:11)

Pierre tells Alex, "Whereas he and his banana diet and testosterone: instant ecstasy!"
Pierre gives Marcus a pill: "Nasgunk, or whatever they call it."
Alex: "Paranoiacs need everything explained." (1:13)