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It's Complicated

Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, John Krasinski, Lake Bell, Mary Kay Place, Rita Wilson, Alexandra Wentworth, Hunter Parrish, Zoe Kazan
hormone | marijuana
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Her friend Sally tells bakery owner Jane Adler, "That’s crazy." (0:03)

Her daughter Gabby asks Jane, referring to Jane’s lawyer ex-husband Jake’s wife Agness, "Was her lunatic child there?" (0:06)

Jane tells her friends, "That was the most insane hour of my life.”
Jane’s friend Diane: ”Jake has lost his mind."
”And then he marries her, a known lunatic?”
Jane’s friend Trisha: ”She can’t be that big of a lunatic.”
Diane: ”And she’s not nuts?” (0:13)

Jane tells Jake, "You're obsessed." (0:20)

Jake tells Jane, "That was one crazy ride." (0:22)

Jane and Jake’s son Luke tells the others, "That’s nuts." (0:27)

Jane tells Jake, "We’re having an affair."
”I’m feeling a little, uh, disoriented.”
Jake: ”You've gotten kinda nuts.”
”... I’m... not as obsessed with work...” (0:34)

Jane tells her friends, "I was drunk, so..."
Trisha: ”You had drunken sex with a married man...?” (0:39)

Her architect Adam tells Jane, "You know, if I were your shrink, I’d say maybe you don’t really want to build this addition." (0:41)

Adam tells Jane, referring to dating, "Actually, I find it really stressful." (0:46)

Jake tells Jane, referring to his wife Agness, "... she is so amped up on hormone injections..."
”Hey, remember when we used to smoke pot and eat your ice cream in the hot tub?”
Jake show shows her a joint.
”You take a few hits...” (0:51)

Jane tells Jake, "I got to talk to my shrink about this." (0:53)

Jane: "It’s, like, nuts." (0:54)

Dr. Allen tells Jane, "I only have 20 minutes before my first patient."
Jane: ”I get how therapy works.” (0:55)

Jake faints. (1:01)

The hotel clerk tells the hotel doctor, referring to Jake, "His wife says he’s conscious now." (1:01)

Lauren tells Harley, "... I really don’t want to be one of those couples where the guy goes into a coma the whole time we plan the wedding..." (1:03)

Jane’s daughter Gabby: "Mom, you have an insane amount of food in here..." (1:10)

Jane tells Jake, "You were worried about rocking the boat at home..." (1:12)

Jane asks Adam, "... do you by any chance poke smot?"
”I mean, do you 'smoke pot'?”
Showing him a joint: ”I had one hit from this.”
”That’s the most insane dashboard I ever saw.”
Adam: ”Did you get this high from one hit?”
Jane: ”I don’t know what they’ve done to pot in the last 30 years...” (1:17)

Jane and Adam share the joint.
Partier: ”Who’s got the reefer?” (1:18)

Jane tells Agness, "... it sort of links us in a cosmic, crazy way..." (1:21)

Jake tells Jane, "You’re acting insane."
Jane: ”I’m stoned.”
Jake: ”You smoked that joint I gave you?”
Jane lights the joint.
Harley: ”... are you smoking weed in the guest bathroom?”
Jane: ”Care for a toke?”
Harley: ”I don’t smoke marijuana.”
”Okay, one hit.” (1:22)

Lauren tells the others, referring to Jane and Jake, "They must be hammered." (1:24)

Adam tells Jane, referring to a croissant, "It’s crazy how good this is."
Jane: ”I’m not even stoned anymore.” (1:28)

Jane: "This is crazy, Jake." (1:32)

Jane, referring to Jake: "He’s nuts." (1:33)

The Adler family watches The Graduate. (1:36)

Jake tells the kids, "I know it’s shocking." (1:40)

Gabby: "But mom, you have to understand how bonkers this sounds to us."
Jane: ”I hope you’ll forgive me for confusing you...” (1:45)