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It's Kind of a Funny Story

Zach Galifianakis, Keir Gilchrist
crack cocaine | hydrocodone | Vicodin | lorazepam | Ativan | lysergic acid diethylamide | sertraline | Zoloft | Ned Vizzini
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16-year-old Craig rides his bicycle onto a bridge and tells us, "I'm killing myself." (0:01)

Craig tells the clerk at the front desk of an emergency room, "I want to kill myself." The clerk tells him, "Fill this out." She hands him a form. (0:03)

An emergency room doctor asks Craig, "How long have you been suicidal?" Craig apologizes, "Sometimes I wish I had an easy answer to why I'm depressed." He goes on to say that he is "obsessed with this girl" and that he was taking Zoloft but stopped. The physician refers him to an outpatient clinic. (0:05)

As mental-health technician Smitty escorts Craig onto the ward we see the sign "Adult Psychiatric." (0:08)

Smitty tells Craig about another patient, "He's schizophrenic." We see the psychiatry ward day room. (0:10)

Catatonic patient Roger "plays" table tennis. (0:11, 0:35)

Craig tells Dr. Minerva, the psychiatrist, "I didn't think I'd be committed." She tells Craig, "Depression is a medical illness." (0:14)

Craig overhears a group of patients in the dining room listing the names of famous people who have killed themselves. (0:17)

Patient Humble tells Craig, "If you don't open up you're never going to heal." (0:18)

Dr. Minerva evaluates Craig in her office. On the bookshelf we see DSM III RDSM IV R; Melvin Marx, Theories in Contemporary Psychology; Ethan Watters, Therapy's DelusionsThe Psychology of Women by Mary R. Walsh; Ernest L. Rossi, Psychology of Mind-Body Healing; Susan Vaughan, The Talking Cure; George E. Vaillant, The Wisdom of the Ego; a phrenology bust. (0:19)

Dr. Minerva conducts a group psychotherapy session. (0:26)

In a telephone call Craig's friend Nia admits to him, "I see a therapist." When she hears unfamiliar voices in the background she asks him, "Are you in a crack den or something?" (0:31)

While talking with Craig teen patient Noell self-consciously covers scars on her left forearm. (0:36)

Recreation therapy: arts and crafts. (0:39)

Roger, still catatonic. (0:40)

In a telephone call Craig's friend Aaron asks him, "Dude, can you give me any Vicodin?" (0:44)

Adult patient Bobby goes berserk in the day room. Craig meets (No. 2) with Dr. Minerva. (0:49)

Dr. Minerva recites the serenity prayer for Craig. (0:51)

Bobby tells Craig he is "zoned out on Ativan." (0:53)

Bobby tells Craig that Hasidic Jewish patient Solomon is "part of this Hasidic acid head scene." We see visual distortion effects. (0:54)

Craig tells Bobby, "I heard your accountant say that you tried to kill yourself."
Bobby tells Craig, "I've tried to kill myself six times." (1:07)

Craig takes unidentified medication handed to him by a nurse. Craig meets (No. 3) with Dr. Minerva. (1:18)

Roger speaks: "Rolling pin." (1:27)

Aaron tells Craig, "I get that depression stuff too... Don't kill yourself, OK" (1:28)