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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Spencer Tracy, Milton Berle, Sid Caesar, Buddy Hackett, Ethel Merman, Mickey Rooney, Dick Shawn, Phil Silvers, Terry-Thomas, Jonathan Winters, Edie Adams, Dorothy Provine, Jimmy Durante, Peter Falk
Peter Falk
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J. Russell Finch: “I never saw such a crazy guy in my life.” (0:08)

Dingy: “He was just raving, man. He flipped.” (0:12)

Mrs. Marcus: “And you know what all those half-wit morons up in Sacramento do about it?” (0:17)

Mrs. Marcus asks Russell’s wife, “Emmeline, do you know exactly why your husband had a nervous breakdown?”
”What’s that idiot in the truck trying to do?” (0:18)

Motorist Otto asks truck driver Lennie, “What are you, some kind of a nut?”
”You’re startin’ to crack up.” (0:42)

Russell asks Mrs. Marcus, “What, are you crazy?”
Mrs. Marcus: “Here we’ve been running around like a pack of lunatics, and all the time why didn’t I think about Sylvester? (0:48)

The motorist tells service station owners Ray and Irwin, referring to Lennie, “Oh no, it’s that lunatic, the one who escaped from the asylum... He’s a homicidal maniac... I’m psychiatrist. This man is insane... He has a hate complex.”
”I’ll have a couple of orderlies come by with a straight jacket.” (0:48)

Lennie asks the service station owners, “What are you guys, crazy or something?”
Owner, referring to Lennie: “He’s going nuts. He’s really nuts. He’s gone berserk.” (0:52)

Russell tells Lt. Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne, referring to Emmeline‘s brother Sylvester, “He’s a nut.” (0:57)

Mrs. Marcus tells Emmeline that Sylvester is “exactly like your father, a big stupid, muscle-headed moron.” (1:21)

Dingy tells his friend Benjy, referring to Benjy’s flying, “It’s making me nervous.” (1:24)

Mrs. Marcus tells Lennie, “Drive on, you big, stupid idiot.” (1:27)

Mrs. Marcus tells Lennie, “Turn around you idiot.” (1:49)

One cop tells another, “They’re nuts.” (1:49)

Lennie tells Mrs. Marcus, “You call me a stupid idiot?... You’re a stupid idiot.” (1:49)

Sylvester tells Russell, referring to Mrs. Marcus, “What she told me was so horrible I thought she’d gone nuts or something...”
Hawthorne, referring to Sylvester: ”That chap’s run absolutely amok!” (1:53)

Dingy tells Benjy, “Not that calm, you idiot.” (1:57)

A cab driver tells Sy, “The cops in this town are morons. Retarded! I’m dealing with moronic people.” (2:00)

Melville tells his wife Monica, “Look, it’s those two idiots...” (2:01)

One cab driver tells the other, “I heard one of them, the nut, the stutterer...” (2:04)

Otto, referring to Lennie: “Oh, he’s so neurotic. He’s very neurotic.” (2:11)

Sylvester asks the cab driver, “You crazy or something?”
Driver: ”don’t make me nervous! Just don’t make me nervous!” (2:28)

Mrs. Marcus: “You must be out of your mind!” (2:33)

Capt. Culpeper tells the other men, “... the only reason that you 10 idiots will very likely get off lightly...”
Mrs. Marcus: ”Now, see here, you idiots, it’s all your fault.” (2:39)