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It's My Party

CastOlivia Newton-John, Margaret Cho, Bronson Pinchot, Devon Gummersall, George Segal, Lee Grant, Marlee Matlin, Roddy McDowall, Steve Antin, Bruce Davison, Sally Kellerman, Lou Liberatore, Nina Foch, Eric Roberts, Gregory Harrison
Year released1996
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Movie director Brandon Theis tells his friend Charlene Lee, "I didn’t know who Jackson Pollock was."
Brandon asks his architect lover Nick Stark, ”Are you crazy?”
Nick tells Amalia Stark, ”Ma, you’ve gotta quit smoking.” (0:00)

Brandon and Nick watch Annie Hall. (0:02)

Brandon: "Nick, are you crazy?" (0:06)

Cross-dressed men at party (0:07)

Nick tells Brandon, "I suppose you’re due for a midlife crisis." (0:08)

Nick tells his friend Tony Zamara, "I’m not going to die blind, demented and lying in my own shit." (0:13)

By telephone, Brandon tells Nick, "Maybe you should try a sleeping pill." (0:14)

A colleague tells Brandon, "That dog is a nightmare." (0:15)

Charlene tells Tony, "I’m in shock." (0:19)

Nick tells Tony, "Hey, man, don’t worry about that." (0:19)

Nick tells the others, "There’s gonna be no wake and no funeral."
Agent Monty Tipton: ”Greta Garbo in Camille...”
”... The Big Chill or something?” (0:20)

Nick tells Brandon, "Tony says the Seconals can cause convulsions." (0:24)

Nick asks Brandon, "Are you nuts?"
Nick tells Juan, ”The pills haven’t taken effect.” (0:25)

The others believe Joe has died. Nick tells the others, “Elvis has left the building.” (0:27)

Nick tells Monty, "I think dementia is setting in." (0:29)

Monty tells Nick, "Henry Fonda in The Best Man." (0:31)

Nick’s sister Daphne tells Tony, "... my mother’s nervous enough." (0:31)

Tony: "Look, Brandon, your being here is just adding a lot of stress and confusion." (0:32)

Brandon, referring to a shrine arranged by Nick: "It’s our friends who have died of AIDS."
”He took pills, but he didn't get the dosage right.” (0:32)

Andrew Bingham asks Nick, "You’re going to kill yourself?"
Nick: ”I’ve been storing up Seconals in the safe.” (0:34)

Brandon tells Nick, "You’re such a sadist." (0:36)

Zack Phillips tells Charlene, "... not in drag for once." (0:40)

Nick tells Daphne, "Yeah, that was taken after Grandpa died." (0:42)

Monty asks Nick, "Were you on acid when you did this?"
Amalia tells Nick, ”I took acid once, when I was pregnant with you.” (0:43)

Nick: "It’s Nurse Ratched." (0:46)

Brandon tells theater producer Damian Knowles, "It’s my worst nightmare." (0:49)

Rodney Bingham tells Nick, referring to Andrew, "I’m worried that he’s in danger." (0:50)

Nick tells Andrew, "Sometimes you just got to go with your instincts." (0:53)

Nick’s business partner Tim Bergen tells Monty, "Drunkenness is temporary suicide." (0:56)

Nick: "Moonstruck" (0:57)

Damian asks Tony, "So you believe in sucide?"
”How anyone can support suicide is beyond me.” (0:57)

Nick tells Monty, "That’s one less worry." (0:58)

Nick tells Damian, "I really needed a moral crisis about now."
”You don’t have to worry about me.”
Monty tells Tony, ”Thank you, Dr. Kevorkian.” (0:59)

Brandon tells Nick, "It was a shock for me, too." (1:02)

Charlene tells Paul, "You look pretty hungover for someone who doesn’t drink." (1:09)

Nick tells his business partner Tim, "When he finds out I’ve kicked, you should jack up the price based on the sympathy factor." (1:13)

Brandon tells Nick, "You were so patient with me." (1:14)

Brandon tells Charlene, "I don’t know if it’s the sickness or the drugs..." (1:17)

A woman tells Tim, "Your whole family is at our house, and they’re driving me crazy..." (1:22)

Monty tells Brandon, "Georgy Girl."
”Melina Mercouri in Never on Sunday.” (1:25)

Monty tells Charlene and Brandon, "The Ten Commandments..." (1:27)

Monty tells Nick, "Look, I got drunk last night..." (1:28)

Nick tells Tony and Brandon, "I’m not losing my mind, yet." (1:32)

Brandon tells the others, "... inside this mansion were all these rich twenty-year-olds, lying around, passed out." (1:36)

Nick tells Tony, "I’m going to do a line." (1:37)

Nick makes lines of white powder on the counter. Cocaine? He swallows two handfuls of capsules then blows the white powder away. (1:37)

Nick tells Amalia, "... promise, you will stop smoking."
Tony tells Brandon, referring to Nick.: ”I don’t want him to nod off in front of them.” (1:41)

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