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Robert Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Guy Rolfe, Emlyn Williams, Robert Douglas, Finlay Currie, Felix Aylmer, Francis De Wolff, Norman Wooland, Basil Sydney
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Noble Cedric tells his knight son Wilfred, referring to King Richard, “I’ll leave him to mad wild fools like you...” (0:21)

Prince John, referring to Wilfred: “A madman, he defies all five.” (0:36)

John tells Wilfred, “It is our pleasure you shall appoint her so that one at least shall mourn you when you lie cold beneath your shield.” (0:42)

Norman knight, referring to Wilfred: “No man gives himself up to his enemies like a drunken apple woman.” (1:01)

Cedric asks Wilfred, “Are you such an idiot that you let them catch you too?” (1:02)

Maid Rowena asks Sir Brian, “Are you mad?” (0:04)

Rebecca threatens to jump to her death rather than give in to Sir Brian. (1:06)

Knight Sir Hugh, referring to Robin Hood’s men, “That rabble’s drunk with hate of us.” (1:09)