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Jack the Bear

Danny DeVito, Robert J. Steinmiller Jr., Miko Hughes, Gary Sinise, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Reese Witherspoon, Erica Yohn, Stefan Gierasch, Bert Remsen
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Gravestone on television: “R.I.P. MOMMY” (0:02)

Jack, referring to his horror movie host father John, “He was always a madman for playing with kids.” (0:05)

Jack: “Mom died last winter... like Mr. Festinger, who always yelled at his son for being retarded.” (0:07)

John, on television: “Ah, my old friend Psycho Ward Cleaver. Put that thing down, Psycho, and we’ll go for a test drive. You know, Psycho, this beautiful Dodge Challenger is loaded.” (0:11)

Gordon tells John, “It seems they have a little problem with your Psycho Ward Cleaver character.” (0:16)

Dexter tells Jack and their friend Mike, “My mom’s dead.”
Jack kisses his mother Elizabeth in her casket. (0:25)

Jack, referring to John. “He was drunk...”
John walks past gravestones on the set of his show. (0:46)

John tells neighbor Norman, “I was drunk.” (0:50)

John on television: “My old friend Psycho Ward Cleaver will do the honors.” (0:51)

Jack tells Dexter, “Norman’s car’s right there, idiot.” (0:59)

Jack relives the time when his father received the call about his mother’s death. (1:07)

Jack: “... and Dylan had stopped talking, from the trauma they said.” (1:09)

Jack, referring to his school, “The place is a mental institution.” (1:11)

John rages. (1:13) 

Jack tells John, “I miss Mommy.”
John: “Cry for your mother, Jackie.”
Dylan speaks again: “Jack the Bear?” (1:33)