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Jacob's Ladder

Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña, Danny Aiello, Matt Craven
Bruce Joel Rubin | 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate | Ladder | lysergic acid diethylamide | N-Benzylpiperazine
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Soldiers share a joint. (0:03)

Vietnam veteran Jake appears to reexperience combat. (0:08, 0:16, 0:25, 1:18)

Jake asks dog Chester, "Got insomnia again?" (0:14)

Jake cries after seeing a picture of his dead son Gabe. (0:19)

Jake appears to experience hallucination. (0:27)

A nurse tells Jake, "We have a psychiatric social worker." (0:29)

Jake sees an apparently hallucinated skinless animal head in the refrigerator. (0:34)

Jake sees "demons" and falls to the floor screaming. (0:38)

Paul tells Jake, "They're comin' after me." 
Jake: "I've seen 'em to." Persecutory delusions?
Paul: "What happened that night?" Dissociative Amnesia? (0:56)

Funeral for Paul in the cemetery. (1:01)

Jake tells his other soldier friends, referring to Paul, "He was seeing things coming out of the woodwork."
Another soldier tells Jake, "You should find yourself a shrink... going paranoid... bad grass..." (1:03)

Attorney Geary tells the veterans, "I need sworn depositions from all of you." Jake tells veteran Frank, "We're all suffering the same symptoms man." (1:09)

Geary tells Jake, "You were all discharged on psychological grounds." (1:11)

Jake hallucinates a voice: "Dream on." (1:21)

Jake recalls the death of his son Gabe, sees another "demon." First postal worker Jezze, then a ringing telephone, startle him. (1:29)

Chemist Michael tells Jake about the "best LSD I ever made."
"I'm... synthesizing mind altering drugs, not the street stuff... wanted a drug that increased aggressive tendencies... even a bad trip... did not compare to the fury of the Ladder."
Jake: "The Ladder?"
Michael: "We fed him huge doses of the stuff... So, a couple days later they decided to use the Ladder... infinitesimal dose..."
Jake: "No one can remember that night." Blackout?
Michael: "The Ladder was my baby."(1:33)

Jake sees Gabe. (1:45)

Closing text: "It was reported that the hallucinogenic drug BZ was used in experiments on soldiers..."

Did Jake and the other veterans suffer from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder, or a combination of the two? Were the drug effects depicted consistent with those of BZ or perhaps closer to those expected from BZP?

Reference in The Dialogue: Bruce Joel Rubin