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Jefferson in Paris

CastNick Nolte, Greta Scacchi, Gwyneth Paltrow, Estelle Eonnet, Thandie Newton, Seth Gilliam, Todd Boyce, Nigel Whitmey
Year released1995
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Jefferson tells Madame Abbesse, “You will forgive my perhaps somewhat exaggerated anxiety.” (0:13)

One lady at court asks another, “What would you do if your husband were sluggish and impotent to boot?” (0:17)

Jefferson tells artist Maria about the losses of his wife and children. (0:26, 0:31)

Maria tells Jefferson’s daughter Patsy of the deaths of her siblings at the hands of their nurse: “It was she who had poisoned the little babies, for what in her madness she thought was their salvation.” (0:44)

Jefferson attends a seance led by Anton Mesmer.  (0:58)

Jefferson, referring to Marie Antoinette, “Their wrath has found an object in the person of the queen, who devotes herself to her amusements, indulging in every current fancy and delusion.” (1:01)

Mesmer’s touch causes a lady to swoon. (1:02)

Jefferson grieves after he learns of the death of his daughter Lucy from a letter. (1:04)

Maria writes to Jefferson, “Unable to bear this anxiety, I have taken a passage of Calais on Thursday next.” (1:10)

Jefferson's daughter Polly talks to her sister Patsy about their deceased sister Lucy. (1:12)

Slave Sally tells her brother, “You’s out of your head James.” (1:22)

Sally tells Jefferson, referring to Molly, “She done drown herself in the millpond.” (1:26)

Jefferson: “Let it be sad then Sally, since that’s my mood.” (1:55)

Sally: “You’s crazy James Hemming. You’s crazy.” (2:06)

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