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Jimmy P: Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian

Benicio Del Toro, Mathieu Amalric, Gina McKee, Larry Pine, Joseph Cross, Gary Farmer, Michelle Thrush, Misty Upham
Karl Menninger | Sigmund Freud | ethyl alcohol | Georges Devereux
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Veteran Jimmy suffers a visual disturbance. (0:03)

On bookshelf: “The Human Mind” by Karl A. Menninger

Jimmy’s sister Gayle tells psychiatrist Karl Menninger, “He fractured his skull in the war.”
Menninger: “The Winter Hospital is the best place in the country for brain traumas.” (0:06)

Jimmy undergoes projective testing by psychologist Dr. Holt. Thematic Apperception Test? (0:09)

Menninger: “Dr. Holt, He passed his psychologicals?”
Holt: “Patient refused to comply.”
Psychiatrist Jokl: “But I’ve listed all the symptoms...”
Holt: “I’m adding catatonia and autistic withdrawal.”
Jokl: “I’m afraid it rather sound like a mental disorder.”
Menninger: “Do we mean schizophrenia?”
Doctor: “We only have one Indian, a catatonic.” (0:11)

Holt dictates: “Dear Sir, Dr. Menninger suggested that I write you. We have an Indian patient, who... may conceivably be psychotic.” (0:12)

Menninger asks anthropologist George Devereux, “Did you get our letter from our psychologist?”
”All we need is a psychiatric evaluation.”
Book: “Mojave Ethnopsychiatry” by George Devereux. (0:13)

Speaker, addressing new patients: “If you have any questions about your compensation or disability...”
Patient stabs his hand with a knife. (0:14)

A woman bar patron tells Jimmy, “You must be a loony bird.” (0:17)

Holt tells Jokl, “The alcohol and the tranquilizers -- I couldn’t take that chance.”
Jokl: “Do Indians commit suicide?” (0:18)

Jokl tells George, “Yesterday he went into town and came back dead drunk with a bottle of liquor.” (0:19)

Menninger tells Jimmy, “You already know Dr. Jokl, our psychiatrist...” (0:20)

Jimmy tells George he belongs to “Crazy Dog Society.” (0:21)

George tells the other, “I see no trace of schizophrenia, neither latent nor patent.”
”This man is not mad.”
”At the base of this drawing a completely regressed pre-Oedipal stage.”
”Jimmy Picard is not crazy, or else you have to lock up half of our fellow citizens.” (0:25)

George assures Menninger, “No psychoanalysis.”
Menninger: “Just counseling.”
George: “Research counseling.” (0:27)

Menninger tells Gayle they are “wondering whether the illness may be psychiatric.”
Jokl assures Jimmy, “However, Mr. Devereux doesn’t consider you schizophrenic.”
Menninger tells Jimmy, referring to Devereux, “He can’t treat you in the strict sense...” (0:27)

Psychotherapy session #1 with George. George: “How would the old Blackfoot interpret such a dream?”
”Well, you see, not only are you not going crazy here, but even your headaches have stopped.” (0:30)

Psychotherapy session #2 with George. (0:38)

Psychotherapy session #3 with George. (0:40)

Menninger tells George, referring to the piano, “The day of the partition of Palestine, Jokl was beating away at it like a madman.” (0:41)

His friend Madeleine tells George, “Oh, Dr. Freud!” (0:44)

Psychotherapy session #4 with George. Jimmy: “That’s a good interpretation.” (0:47)

George: “This remark further underscored the patient’s castration anxiety...” (0:52)

Madeleine tells Menninger, referring to her husband and George, “They worked with the same psychoanalyst.” (0:53)

George tells Jimmy, referring to his headaches, “... since the war they may have become psychogenic.” (0:59)

George tells Menninger that George is “you know, free associating.” (1:03)

Menninger tells George, “A copy was sent to the American Psychoanalytic Association. They don’t recommend accepting you as an analyst.” (1:04)

Psychotherapy session #5 with George. (1:04)

Blackboard behind George as he teaches: “Transference, Oedipus Complex” (1:09)

In a film Henry Fonda’s character at the grave of his Anne. (1:12)

Jane White Cloud, the mother of his daughter, tells Jimmy, “You’re just an idiot. You’re just a plain idiot.“ (1:17)

Jimmy learns of Jane’s death. (1:21)

Psychotherapy session #6 with George. (1:22)

Madeleine asks George, “How do you know when analysis is over?” (1:26)

Dr. Braatoy tells George, “I can’t inject gas into the spinal column of a drunk.” (1:27)

Psychotherapy session #7 with George. Jimmy: “He doesn’t believe in anything... and he’s the biggest drunk that ever walked.”

George: “Are you afraid of becoming a thief, or a drunk?”
Jimmy: “I drunk, but I’m not a drunkard.”
George: “I would have liked it much better if you had told me... about your getting drunk the other night. I don’t care about your getting plastered.”
Jimmy: “Alcohol has nothing to do with my headaches. Hell, maybe I’m just plain crazy.”
George: “You never were crazy.” (1:27)

Madeleine tells George, “I woke up drunk.” (1:35)

Psychotherapy session #8 with George. (1:39)

The woman from the bar tells Jimmy, “You don’t seem that crazy to me.”
”So, after you get out of the bug house you gonna stay around?” (1:43)

Dr. Holt: “The symptoms originally presented by the patient have properly vanished.”
Jokl: “Yes, and we’re all happy to see how much insight Jimmy has gained.” (1:44)

Menninger tells Jimmy, “I think you’d make a bang-up psychiatric aid.”
Jimmy tells George: “I feel like all my complexes have disappeared.”
George: “Complexes?”
Psychic trauma.” (1:45)

Doctors administer general anesthesia for Jimmy’s pneumoencephalogram. (1:47)

Jimmy tells George, “You have a good memory, doctor, very good.” (1:50)

George on the couch in a session with Jokl. (1:50)