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Joe (2013)

CastNicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan, Sue Rock, Heather Kafka, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Adriene Mishler, Gary Poulter
Year released2014
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Gary tells his father Wade, “You’re just a selfish old drunk.” (0:01)

By telephone foreman Joe asks worker Junior, referring to another worker, “What about Shorty, he get drunk last night?” (0:07)

Junior asks a worker, “Why you lookin’ at me like you retarded?”
“You better do some Ghostbuster moves on me today, Shorty.” (0:09)

Gary asks Wade, “Are you drunk?”
Wade: ”I ain’t drunk.”
Gary: “I know you drunk.”
Wade: ”No, I ain’t drunk.”
Gary: “You like, no I ain’t drunk.”
”I ain’t drunk.”
”I know you’re drunk, ‘cause you’re about to spill it.” (0:28)

His friend Connie tells Joe, referring to his dog, “God, that dog’s crazy.”
Joe tells Merle, “I gotta quit smoking.” (0:36)

Joe shares a joint with worker Sammy.“ (0:41)

Wade hits Gary. (0:44)

Gary visits a graveyard. (0:54)

Wade beats Gary. (1:12)

Sheriff Earl answers Joe’s question about charges: “DUI...” (1:14)

Joe asks Gary, “You ain’t drunk, are you?” (1:18)

A cyclist tells Joe, referring to his beer, “That stuff’ll make you crazy.”
Joe: ”Well, now, I’m a pretty long way from crazy.”

Gary tells Joe, referring to Gary's sister Dorothy, “She don’t talk at all.” (1:27)

Joe tells a Sheriff’s deputy, “I ain’t drunk.” (1:32)

Earl tells Joe, referring to cigarette smoking, “I been quit for three weeks.” (1:35)

Wade jumps off a bridge to his death.” (1:46)

Joe dies in Gary’s arms. (1:48)

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