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John Dies at the End

Chase Williamson, Rob Mayes, Paul Giamatti, Clancy Brown, Glynn Turman, Doug Jones, Daniel Roebuck, Fabianne Therese, Jonny Weston, Jimmy Wong
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | cocaine | soy sauce | epinephrine
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David: "More side effects. It's always like this when I'm on the sauce. I dosed six hours ago... Just side effects..." (0:02)

David tells journalist Arnie, referring to David's mother, "She was institutionalized."
"She was a strung out, crank addicted cannibal. Dabbled in vampirism and necromancy."
"This is just what I do when I get nervous. She was bipolar..." (0:04)

His friend John in a telephone call David refers to, "... the one without the cocaine." (0:05)

Amy tells beer server Fred, "It's called phantom limb syndrome..." (0:17)

Jamaican tells David, "I interpret dreams..." (0:19)

John tells David, "I couldn't get oriented."
David: "So you don't know the name of the drug?"
John: "... soy sauce... nickname."
John: "Passin' around a joint. That Jamaican guy pulls out this sauce." (0:25)

Father Shellnut tells David, "Look, when people say they see things or hear voices in their head we generally refer them to a counselor."
David: "I'm not crazy."
"Being crazy, mentally ill."
Shellnut: "You can't diagnose yourself... the rest of the world seems to go crazy around you." (0:29)

David inadvertently injects himself with a black liquid. (0:30)

David thinks, "Now your'e getting high, partner, on the soy sauce."
David tells detective Lawrence, "John called me last night, talking crazy. Paranoid, hallucinations... couldn't remember how he got where he was."
Lawrence: "Did he say what he was on?"
David: "Overdose?"
Lawrence, referring to Jamaican mystic and drug dealer Robert, "... runs an amateur unlicensed pharmaceutical operation..." (0:37)

Arnie asks David, "... soy sauce, that's a drug, right?"
David: "The side effects don't last that long."
Arnie: "That was that rave overdose, wasn't it?... tainted ecstasy or something."
David: "Most people only see it that fast if they're stoned or drunk." (0:39)

David reacts when Lawrence tells him John is dead. (0:44)

John tells David, using a telephonic bratwurst on a bun, "The reason you can hear me is because you have some of the soy sauce in your system..." (0:48)

David sees a hookah on a table, says he has "that soy sauce feeling." (0:50)

John talks to David from the body of dog Bark Lee: "You can hear me so I guess you took the soy sauce."
David: "Everyone who took the soy sauce is either dead or..."
John: "You don't choose the soy sauce. The soy sauce chooses you. The soy sauce chooses you." (1:01)

John appears catatonic. (1:04)

David tells Lawrence, "There was a drug."
"Adrenaline. It keeps me going."
Lawrence: "That, and those piercing voices in my head." (1:08)

John tells David, "'Cause we were chosen -- by the soy sauce." (1:12)

TV psychic Marconi tells John and David, showing them a device, "It is called 'the tripper'."
"This is an experimental cold war weapon... explosive surrounded by a highly potent military grade hallucinogen." (1:15)

Pallbearers carry a casket. (1:19)

Monster computer Korrok addresses "David Wong, son of an insane prostitute and a mentally challenged Amway salesman." (1:23)

Clutching the tripper in his mouth Bark Lee jumps into Korrok's eye just before detonation. Altruistic sucide? (1:26)

David tells Arnie about "The soy sauce that the dog ingested when he bit the Jamaican guy..."
David and Amy visit Bark Lee's grave in the cemetery.
David: "The testimony of two nut jobs..."
Arnie predicts what will happen to "... whoever takes the first close look at your soy sauce..."
David sees African American Arnie as white.
David: "It's the soy sauce."
"You're in the denial stage right now." (1:27)