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Johnny Mnemonic

Keanu Reeves, Dina Meyer, Ice-T, Takeshi Kitano, Dennis Akayama, Dolph Lundgren, Henry Rollins, Barbara Sukowa, Udo Kier, Tracy Tweed, Diego Chambers
Spoiler alert
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Rolling titles alert us to "Nerve Attenuation Syndrome." (0:00)

TV reporter: "NAS: Nerve attenuation syndrome..." (0:02)

His handler Ralfi tells information courrier Johnny, "That is complete memory recovery." (0:02)

A man tells Johnny, "If the upload volume exceeds your storage capacity synaptic seepage can kill you..." (0:08)

Scanner: "Warning. Detected synaptic seepage." (0:16)

Gangster Shinji tells pharmaceutical executive Takahashi, "I didn't want to disturb you in your time of grief." (0:18)

Johnny tells bodyguard Jane, "I had to dump a chunk of long term memory."
Jane: "You can't remember a thing?" (0:36)

Jane tells Johnny, "You're crazy man."
Johnny: "You strung out, or what? You got NAS."
"You have the black shakes." (0:45)

Ex-doctor Spider tells Johnny, "Give me that muscle relaxant over there..."
Johnny: "It's NAS, right?"
Spider: "Yeah, the black shakes." (0:47)

Leader J-Bone tells other LoTeks, referring to assassin Karl, "He's too crazy." (0:49)

Johnny asks Spider, "How are you on... memory augmentation?" (0:50)

Spider tells Jane and Johnny, "Usually means we got a crazy."
"The NAS underground."
"With a general anesthetic..."
"You're carrying the cure for NAS."
"PharmaKom's complete R&D on their cure for Nerve attenuation syndrome." (0:56)

Johnny tells Jane, "It's crazy, but if it's really the cure to NAS in my head..."
"Oh yeah, like memory augments?"
Lo-Tek Stick tells another Lo-Tek, "Man, somebody crazy down there. They gettin' on my nerves."
Lo-Tek: "Rat lands are full of crazies, Stick." (1:02)

Johnny tells Jane, "I saw... as if it was a memory." (1:09)

Video of Anna tells Takahashi, referring to Johnny, "He's carrying the cure for NAS." (1:17)

Anna tells Johnny, "One memory after another." (1:24)

J-Bone broadcasts to the world, "We got the cure to NAS... the cure to the black shakes." (1:25)