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The Jolson Story

Larry Parks, Evelyn Keyes, William Demarest, Bill Goodwin, Ludwig Donath, Tamara Shayne, John Alexander, Ernest Cossart, Scotty Beckett, William Forrest, Edwin Maxwell, Emmett Vogan, Al Jolson
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Manager Steve tells singer Al, “This kid’ll drive me crazy.” (0:21)

Al’s father Cantor Yoelson tells Al’s mother, “This is crazy.” (0:22)

Steve tells Al, “You’re daffy... This guy’ll drive me crazy.” (0:24)

Singer Tom, drunk, passes out. (0:26)

Steve tells Tom, “That idiot went on and sang for you.” (0:32)

Al tells manager Lew, “I know that sounds crazy...” (0:40)

Al tells the others, referring to his ideas, “They sound a little crazy to anyone but me.”
”They say your son’s a little crazy.”
The Cantor tells his wife, “Well mama, our son is a little crazy... What about crazy people, Asa?” (0:44)

Tom asks Steve, “Has he lost his mind?” (0:56)

Tom tells Steve, “Al’s out of his mind.” (1;00)

Al tells his audience, “Show people are crazy... Well, I’m crazy too.” (1:08)

Al tells his dancer wife Julie, “All I know is a man would have to be insane to walk away from this now.”
Steve: “And Julie this guy is out of his mind about pictures.” (1:29)

Al: “Look Julie, you’ve heard of fellows who hit the bottle and wind up hopeless drunks... I’ve been like a fellow who’s been drunk all his life...”
”When you’ve been all your life like a drunk... you can’t quit all of a sudden. Sometimes you crave the stuff. But I am sober now baby.” (1:42)

Al tells the others, “There was a crazy fellow here a minute ago, but I think he’s gone now.” (1:50)

Al, referring to the band leader: “The idiot.”
”This guy’s crazy.” (2:01)