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The Judge (2014)

whipped cream charger | oxycodone-acetaminophen | Percocet | Ronald Reagan | morphine
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Lawyer Mike tells lawyer Hank, “Listen, this wasn't some West Englewood drug sweep.” (0:01)

Hank tells the judge, "My mom passed away this morning." (0:04)

Hank tells his daughter Lauren, “Because it’s depressing.” (0:04)

Hank views his mother’s body in the funeral home. (0:09)

Hank tells his brother Dale, “It’s crazy.” (0:17)

Funeral at the cemetery. At her coffin Judge Joseph tells his deceased wife goodbye. (0:19)

Hank’s brother Glen asks Hank, “Are you crazy? Dad has been sober for 28 years.” (0:21)

Bar patron tells Dale, “You little dimwit shutterbug retard...”
Hank asks, “Who’s got the felony DWI?... Possession of a controlled substance?”
”Get some counseling.” (0:23)

Hank tells Glen, referring to Joseph, “His wife died. He fell off the wagon.” (0:27)

Hank tells deputy Bobbie, “You and Kevin Thompson in the backseat naked, huffing Whippets.”
Joseph tells Hank, “I don’t remember.”
Hank: “Because you were drunk?”
Joseph: “No, because I can’t remember.”
Hank: “What kind of a recovering alcoholic keeps a stocked liquor cabinet.”
Joseph: “No, no, no. Recovered.”
Hank: “Right now that cop Hanson is on his way... to ask some scared-shitless high school clerk with half a joint in his front pocket if you had the odor of an alcoholic beverage on your breath.”
”If somebody swerves in front of you I strongly suggest you dry out...” (0:31)

Hank asks Sheriff White, “Or is he just... out of his mind?” (0:33)

Joseph, referring to a defendant, “Said he was drunk...” (0:36)

Joseph reads Hank’s note: “YOU CAN’T PROVE EYE CONTACT, iDiOT!.” (0:46)

Joseph tells Hank, “I’m missing time.” (0:49)

Joseph tells Hank, referring to himself, “An incompetent old man on the stand.”
Referring to U. S. Grant, “Being a drunk... Ronald Reagan... Alzheimer’s.” (0:53)

Hank tells Dr. Morris, “Judge says he’s missing time.”
Morris: “It’s called chemo brain. Along with the fatigue and the cracked skin, you can sometimes suffer from memory loss, confusion, dementia, delusions.”
Did Morris violate Joseph’s confidentiality?
“We’ll manage that with morphine.” (1:09)

Dr. Brannamon, on the witness stand: “Mark Blackwell had oxycodone-paracetamol in his blood. Percocet.”
Hank: “And your lab in Chicago registered his blood alcohol level at 0.23?” (1:18)

Hank finds Joseph crying in the night: “My memory plays tricks on me.” (1:22)

Hank visits his mother’s grave. (1:35)

Glen tells Dale, “Dial down the crazy.”
Hank tells Glan, “I understand why you’re going mental.”
”You’re nuts.” (1:41)

Hank asks Joseph, “What happened to Reagan?” (1:44)

”Did your doctor caution you against the potential side effects of chemotherapy?”
”Delusion, fits of anger, depression, memory loss?” (1:53)

Hank realizes Joseph has died. (2:10)

Funeral for Joseph. (2:10)