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Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell, Michael Gambon, Gemma-Leah Devereux, Bella Ramsey, Andy Nyman, Fenella Woolgar, John Dagleish, Phil Dunster, Tim Ahern, John MacKay, David Rubin
Judy Garland | Liza Minnelli
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Manager Louis B. Mayer tells young actress Judy Garland, "Some place for the farmers to get drunk together." (0:01)

The M.C. tells Judy, "Crowds going to go crazy out there." (0:06)

His father Sidney tells Judy's son, young Joey Luft, "Don't worry."
Sydney tells Judy, ”I want custody during the school year.” (0:10)

Judy asks her daughter Liza Minnelli, referring to an upcoming performance, "You're not even a little anxious about it?"
Liza: ”Well, should I be anxious?” (0:13)

A woman tells Judy, referring to some pills and Judy's hunger, "Those’ll take the edge off." Psychostimulant?
Judy: ”No, I got to sleep tonight.”
Woman: ”Halpert will give you something for that later.” (0:20)

Her lawyer tells Judy, referring to the English, "They're crazy for you."
Judy: ”That's because the English are insane.” (0:22)

A talk show host asks Judy whether "the fights over custody" have affected her children. (1:03)

Judy tells a doctor, "... 2 years ago... tried to kill myself."
Doctor: ”Look, do you take anything for depression?”
He injects her arm. (1:13)

Her pianist friend Mickey Deans tells Judy, "I mean, it's completely crazy." (1:16)

Judy asks her ex-husband Sydney, "What, you think I'm an idiot? You think I'm an idiot?" (1:23)

Judy tells her husband Mickey, "I want to reopen custody..." (1:25)