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CastBen Kingsley, Harriet Sansom Harris, Zoë Winters, Jade Quon, Jane Curtin
Year released2023
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His veterinarian daughter Denise Robinson tells Milton, "... Your gas bill, your phone bill, and your Medicare supplement..." (0:03)

Milton tells Denise, "I must’ve just gotten confused." 
”I must’ve been distracted.” (0:04)

Television host: "During the time you were incarcerated you were also receiving disability." (0:20)

Milton tells alien Jules, "She, unfortunately, has passed away..." (0:22)

Milton undergoes mental status examination. (0:32)

Milton tells the tester, "... I was probably just confused." (0:36)

Denis tells Milton, "I did it because I’m worried about you." (0:37)

Milton tells Jules, "Denise thinks I’m losing it... I don’t talk to my son..." (0:38)

Denise tells Milton, "... I’m worried..." 
Milton: ”... Try not to worry.” (0:55)

Sandy tells Milton and Joyce, "... I think this medicine is giving me sexual feelings." 
”It’s one of the side effects...” (0:56)

By telephone, Denise tells Milton, "... and you wonder why I’m worried..." 
Milton: ”I’m just curious.” (0:59)

Sandy tells Milton, referring to her husband Earl, "He was generally forgetful at first..." 
”Did the doctor say something that worried you. Do you forget things...?” 
”I don’t want to worry you... not worry it away.” (1:00)

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