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Emma Suárez, Adriana Ugarte, Daniel Grao, Inma Cuesta, Darío Grandinetti, Michelle Jenner, Rossy de Palma
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Magazine editor Beatriz tells her friend Julieta, "Mom died three years ago." (0:04)

Her artist friend Lorenzo tells Julieta, "You're behaving like a lunatic." (0:07)

Julieta tells apartment manager Inocencio, "Don't worry." (0:09)

A train conductor tells passengers, "Don't worry." (0:18)

Passenger, referring to another passenger: "I think he was drunk." (0:18)

Fisherman Xoan tells Julieta, referring to the passenger, "He’d still have killed himself."
Xoan: ”No one kills himself because a girl, even one as pretty as you, doesn't want to talk to him.” (0:20)

Julieta tells Xoan’s maid Marian, "Don't worry." (0:28)

Julieta tells Xoan, "I never thought your wife had died." (0:30)

Julieta tells her daughter Antia, "Don't worry." (0:46)

Julieta tells Marian, "Don't worry." (0:46)

Julieta learns that Xoan may have perished at sea. (0:53)

Julieta identifies Xoan’s lifeless body. (0:54)

Their sculptor friend Ava accompanies Julieta to throw Xoan’s ashes into the sea. (0:55)

Ania learns of her father’s death. (0:59)

Julieta rights to Antia, "I got over the depression with your help..." (1:04)

Antia tells Julieta, "And don't worry if I don't call or write very much." (1:06)

Spiritual counselor Juana tells Julieta, "Antia has chosen her own path, and you’re not part of it." (1:09)

By telephone, Ava tells Antia, "I got the diagnosis." (1:18)

Julieta rights to Antia, "When we moved to Madrid, and I fell into that depression, I never told you, but I was suffocated by a tremendous sense of guilt about your father's death and that of the man on the train." (1:19)

A woman tells Julieta, "She asked to be sedated." (1:20)

Movie poster: "Winter's Bone" (1:21)

Julieta writes to Antia, "When a former addict relapses just once, no matter how many years he is clean, the relapse is fatal. I abstained from you for years, but I made the mistake of relapsing into the hope of finding you or hearing about you." (1:21)

Lorenzo tells Julieta, "When I realized that I was turning into one of Patricia Highsmith's obsessive characters, hiding around corners... I stopped following you..." (1:27)

Antia writes to Julietta, referring to her own children, "Xoan, the eldest, was only nine years old when he drowned in a river, and I am insane with grief." (1:31)